Tuesday, June 21, 2016


A while ago, my mom and I had lunch at Tiffin, a small Indian / Indonesian restaurant, located in one of my favorite neighbourhoods of Nijmegen: Bottendaal. The idea was to make Tiffin feel like an actual backpackers-friendly restaurant somewhere in Asia, where you can eat small home-made meals from lunch to 8pm. "Tiffin" is actually an Indian English word for "light meal", but is sometimes used to replace the word "lunch". 

Mom and I had the masala dosa which is almost like a stuffed pancake (mom having the vegetarian one). As I am a disgusting, ucontrollable guzzler, I ordered a piece of cake as well, which was just as delicious! 

The owner is a really nice guy who's presence attributes to make this place even more cozy (the interior also does its bit, so do the cute silver plates, the world map on the wall and the travel guides on the shelves). Tiffin turns out to be one of Nijmegen's best kept secrets: one that you certainly would want to find out for yourself. 

I like to have lunch with my mom and I thought it would be fun to go to Tiffin together with her. My mom is from Indonesia herself (which makes me half Indonesian), but she is a perfect example of an over-integrated immigrant. Like she prefers mashed potatoes over rice and that kind of nonsense. Okay, she was only 3 yrs old when she got here, having lived in the province of Limburg for her entire youth, and eventually ending up in the beautiful city of Nijmegen by the time she started her college major, and finally pretty much sticking around up here. She has only visited her roots once (being exactly like a regular tourist only nobody would recognize her as a foreigner), ages ago, so now I am trying to reinforce - almost initiate - her desire to go back to her home country - obviously so I could come along, because I do have an interest in where my forefathers are from (and in traveling in general). My mom does have some aunts, uncles and cousins still living up there, and it is my wish to meet some of our foreign relatives once, and when I do I hope to be with my mom since it's her family after all.

I think if my grandpa would be still alive, he would have loved Tiffin. In the 50-ish years he lived in The Netherlands, he missed his home country every minute of his life. He did visit Indonesia maybe once or twice, and he was always sad to return to Holland, as I think the days in Indonesia were the happiest of his life. Even though my mom's family has always spoken Dutch at home, my grandpa knew some Indonesian, talked to his Indonesian family over the phone on a daily base, and ate Indonesian food every day that he could. All he came to The Netherlands for, was to have a better future for his kids (plus Indonesian people weren't very gentle to their fellows who had befriended Dutch people during the colonial era) - but it must have been hard to leave the country that you call home, together with a shitload of children, knowing you will never see your own mother again.

So, feeling like something different, something unique for a meal? Tiffin is the place to be. :-) 


  1. Nog nooit van dit gehoord maar ziet er lekker uit!

  2. Yummie! Die hapjes zien er wel echt overheerlijk uit, zeg. En het eethuis zelf ziet er ook heel gezellig uit. Ik moet toch eens snel een keertje een uitstapje gaan maken naar Nijmegen. Lijkt mij een gezellige stad. (Ik kom op andere blogs ook veel leuke hotspots tegen in Nijmegen, vandaar.)

  3. Ken ik niet! Maar het ziet er super gezellig en lekker uit!

  4. I'm so in love withe the vibe these photos have! <3


  5. Oh, wat een prachtige foto's! Het ziet er supergezellig uit!


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