Friday, June 10, 2016

L00K: Zara's embroidered skirt

I looooove my new embroidered skirt from Zara! It's such a beautiful piece of clothing! When I saw it at the store, I immediately walked up to it, grabbed it and knew I was going to walk out with it that day. When it comes to shopping, I'm never much of a doubter, when I see something I like, I know it from the very first second. If I don't, I must not like it very much in the first place. Sometimes it happens that I realize that I like something very much after someone else has bought it. Like the shoes are my moms. Or used to be.

Besides showing off my new skirt, at the same time I'm actually showing off my bike as well. I love my bike! I got it in 5th grade when I was like eleven years old, and even though I've had several bikes after this one, I now realized that my old bike is the best one. Mitchell put the wooden crate that I'd wanted for so long on the front of my bike by means of a surprise when I came back from my trip to Hong Kong. The wooden crate once belonged to the fruit company his grandparents used to have, and the 1960 stamp is the actual year it's from! How vintage is that. It's a bit huge, but not heavy at all and it has already come in handy a couple of times when I had to transport a lot of stuff.

If you were wondering why the back of my legs look so disgusting: this is what bed bugs in Asian coutnries do to you! I came home from Hong Kong with my legs all messed up and unfortunately I do not know photoshop so it is how it is.

I'm also obviously wearing a white bra which I would not do again when wearing this black top because it's looks stupid, but I only realized my bra straps were showing after the pictures were taken. But oh well, we can't all be flawless.

Let me know what you think! X

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  1. heel tof die krat op je fiets en je rok is ook super pretty

  2. Waaauwiee especially your skirt!

  3. Het rokje is super mooi! Leuk gecombineerd!

  4. Het rokje is echt helemaal geweldig! En de fiets ook! Superstoer!

  5. Wat balen van die muggen zeg, maar wat een prachtige outfit! :)

  6. Echt een leuk rokje! Haha, ik zit ook altijd onder de muggenbulten als ik terugkom van Hong Kong.


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