Monday, June 13, 2016

Mitchell's 21st birthday: a 21-Dinner


When Mitchell turned 21 last month, he let me prepare his 21-Dinner for him, which he knew I'd very much like to do. Here in The Netherlands, a 21-Dinner is a tradition that once started within sororities/fraternities and it typically involves the birthday girl/guy inviting the sorority/fraternity friends over to the parents' house, often along with some high school friends, so everyone would have a chance to meet one another. As Mitchell is not involved in a fraternity/sorority (and so are none of his friends) we ditched many of the traditions, but stuck to many of them as well, like most importantly: a 21-Dinner should be a very chic, elegant, classy kinda dinner with many courses and everyone dressed up pretty.

Mitchell's 21-Dinner took place at his own apartment instead of at his parents' house, and he had invited all his close friends. They were asked to show up wearing suit tie, or at least a jacket and a tie (in these days it's not very often that men dress up that nice so I had Noa take a few group pics of the guys outside). Then me and my friends Naomi, Lise and Noa prepared seven courses for a dozen hungry men!!! It was hard work but it was worth it, because after dinner Mitchell was all beaming and happy and thankful for the party that I had put effort in (and I got to practice a bit for my own 21-Dinner... which will not be until 2018, but oh well). After dinner the boys left to go out in town, and me and the girls ate what was left over from a delicious desert. 

I also did a little speech somewhere before the main course and handed Mitch my gift to him. Most of the time, people get a gift for their 21st birthday that is rather timeless so they could have it for the rest of their lives, and that will remind them to the day that they officially became an adult (officially, not actually), plus I know Mitchell does care about valuable accessories (like why does my boyfriend own more accessories that are not from Claire's than I do), so that's why I decided to give him a pair of really pretty silver cufflinks with his initials engraved into it... a gift that was much appreciated by him!

In another post that will be up here anytime soon, I will share the recipes of the seven courses dinner that we prepared :-) Not too culinary, just easy to make and delicious to eat!

Special thanks to Naomi, Lise and Noa for helping me out! You girls rock!

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  1. ah wat leuk en lief je cadeau! mooie foto's heeft noa gemaakt :)

  2. wat een leuk en mooi cadeau heb je gegeven :) En wat een mooie foto's, die geven de sfeer erg goed weer denk ik zo.

  3. Wat een toffe foto's! Volgens mij was het ongelooflijk gezellig!

  4. Super leuk zo'n verjaardag! En wat een mooi cadeau!


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