Wednesday, June 29, 2016

snapshots that I took at my sister's party

Here are some fun snapshots that I took at the party my sister threw for her graduation / 18th birthday. It took place at the Old Cave in Nijmegen, which I won't recommend as the owner decided to close down the party early as he found our guests "drunk enough". Certainly the old man had not seen before some teens who even without the alcohol have rather outgoing personalities that make them act in a certain way that an old man as himself would only act when being very, very drunk! What a dull life!

Thankfully we still got the pictures. I liked the brick walled setting so I took multiples along the walls. I got some issues with my external flash unit so I had to use the built-in one, but I actually kinda liked that lightening in the end. So I put my favorite shots together in this blog posts and I hope you get a general feeling about what the night looked like.

Last few days I have been a bit more silent on the blog for reasons that will be revealed anytime soon - but I always keep up with my Instagram feed! So make sure you follow my Instagram account @rockslita (link below) Xo!

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  1. haha leuke foto's heb je gemaakt. Zo te zien hebben jullie genoten van de party.

  2. Wat een leuke foto's! De gezelligheid straalt er vanaf! :)

  3. Wauw, wat een ontzettend gaaf feest! Het ziet er zo gezellig uit en toffe locatie.


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