Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Diesgala 2016: photos + report

Hi readers! A little while ago I wrote an article about life at my fraternity/sorority during these past few months in my first year at college. You can re-read it here. One of the things that I talked about is the fraternity/sorority's "Dies", a.k.a. birthday, that we celebrate over the course of more than one week. The final of all Dies-activties is the annual "Diesgala", a major formal dance at some beautiful location (in this case, an old castle that they currently use for, among other things, techno parties). We started the night off near the lake, where we enjoyed a glass of prosecco (in my friend's case, multiple glasses), then we moved on to a 3-courses dinner (200 people at once!), our dates sitting across from us, and finally the party took place. The crowd went crazy for the band, but we didn't enjoy the diskjockey much as he seemed more interested in kissing his girlfriend from behind a door than playing records!

As all my girls (by which I mean to refer to my year club) looked even more beautiful than they already do naturally, I wanted to photograph them all, and I am fairly proud of the way it turned out! So obviously I'm quite excited about publishing them here! Special thanks to my girlfriends who make these photographs super splendid!

Let's start off with some adorable pretty-girl-friends pictures. Sofie and Eva.

Gosh - I love your hair! Even if she wouldn't have it pinned up so pretty, it's so lovely even if it's hanging just loose over the shoulders. I wish I had that hair. Hair is important and you're blessed if your hair is this pretty. Add up some of her awesome make-up skills and her love for the camera and you get these lovely photos of Sofie...and some more. Couldn't put them all as I had to save some space in ths article for her Querencia-sisters.

In upper three photos you can admire Eva's beautiful smile. Eva might have been most uncomfortable when posing in front of my camera of all, but I think her pictures turned out best. Her eyes are expressive, her smile genuine and unadulterated. Glad I got to capture that.

Besides that she's young and beautiful, Merith is most of all a bit silly sometimes (as you might have noticed), but her silliness sutis her. Oh, and she's also incredibly smart - it's a mystery to me why she's single - must be her free spirit.
From the first three pictures, I like how her facial expression is so open and happy, but also unpretentious and upright. It's pretty fun taking pictures of her because she's not at all afraid to do all these crazy poses and faces in front of the camera, and the camera loves it!

Caroline is the type of girl who lookes incredibly good and feminine in a dress like this, and in combination with her big smile she can make all the boys faint.
Good thing about having a pretty smile like this is that I only needed to snap a few shots, and she looked good in all of them.

When I went over Marieke's pictures, I realized she had a different facial expression in every single one of them, but she looked good in literally all of them! It was maddening! I cracked my brain over picking my favorites! She also wore this really pretty blue dress that made her figure look stunning - something I do not quite often say about a long formal dress (Maybe this only applies to short people like me, but long dresses can look pretty baggy).

Here are some adorable dates-pictures! All dates are steady-boyfriends - rest of the girls went to the formal as the strong independent women they are - and it was fun to see all of our boys get along with each other. Here are Marieke and Kim Phi's date-pictures:

And finally here is us! I don't like getting in front of the camera as much as behind it....but we needed some pics for when we're 80 yrs old and wailing about the old days. I liked photographing my own steady-boyfriend scores of times so I put some of those down here as well.

And here are the group pictures! Missing just two in there - one was running late and one couldn't go to the dance that day - and I didn't get pictures of two of the girls in there because they were too shy. I did try to take their pictures paparazzi-wise, but they didn't make it to the blog.

It's a good thing we took our pictures before the dance. Pictures that were taken by the photographer at the dance mysteriously never turned up, and afterwards everyone was, mildly put, not looking so pretty as before anymore. Marks of a night to remember - or not, to  few of us, .

Finally here are some iPhone pictures to give you an overall impression of the dance and everything else that I talked about in the first paragraph of this article. I had a lot of fun, so thank y'all guys!

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