Saturday, July 16, 2016

HOTSPOT De Meesterproef

Weeeeeow! "De Meesterproef" is something else! If you're looking for a place to eat that is culinary good while at the same time attractive and trendy, this is where you need to be. According to De Meesterproef's very own website, they "make food according to traditional craftmanships" and "make use of local products"...and I believe both must be true, for their dishes are soooooo good! Add the great ambiance of an old production hall together with the views of the Waal river, and you get all that makes a restaurant great.

De Meesterproef is located in the old Honig factory in Nijmegen, that is now used for cultural purposes ever since production was stopped. Until 2022, the factory will remain a cultural hotspot - but I hope they'll manage to stop the factory from being torn down, as the Honig might currently be the most bustling part of the entire city. Art, music, food, events - nowadays it all takes place at the Honig. 

At least I hope De Meesterproef will stick around. I may find it one of the most excellent restaurants in town... And I'm not even getting paid for writing this.

Getting to the point: let's take a moment to appreciate some of De Meesterproef's food.

Next: an impression of the ambiance. I like the 'industrial meets class' vibes here - like it'd be cool enough to be called a hipster hangout but at the same time it's decent enough to take your parents up there with you. This latter thing is reinforced by their parental-prices - nevertheless the food is worth the money.

My mom who I photographed when us and the rest of the fam were visiting De Meesterproef for my dad's birthday. I like this picture of her.

Last: some surroundings. Graffiti art sprayed on the factory building wall. De Meesterproef sign outside. View of the Waal river from our table. Light bulb reflecting in the window glass. (Just a grasp of the coolness of the Honig)

I know I write a lot on food on my blog, and I must admit I'm strongly passionate about food - especially the part in which it's actually in my mouth - plus I'm not a very advanced cook so I prefer eating out when people who are super good at making food make me food so I only have to chew & swallow. I sound like a real fat person now but I'm still working on that. :)

Thanks for reading.

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