Tuesday, July 5, 2016

My new favorite pants

These pants have become my new favorite ones! The see-through fabric with velvet orange-blue flower pattern is soooo soft and airy and I love the way they flutter around my ankles. I got them from H&M when I was in Hong Kong and on this particular day I was wearing them with a gray T-shrit that was customized by Kim Phi or our year club. The text on the shirt explains our year club name dictionary-wise.
These pants are perfect for a lazy day or if you want to be comfy but don't like wearing sweatpants like me or go out to a particular place where sweatpants would be inappropriate. At first I didn't think these strange pants would be hard to combine but after wearing them quite often lately I've found out they actually go with a lot of things. Besides anything grey, other patterned stuff don't mismatch them either. What a great pair of pants! They remind me of the type of pants I used to wear until the age of 10, until which I refused to wear any kind of denim jeans, which I found uncomfortable, until I started to care more about what it looked like on me than about comfiness. As it turns out, my 10-years-old-self was a lot smarter than my teenage-self. In the past couple of weeks, I've been collecting more pants that are not denim, and besides they are more comfortable than jeans, they also look way more elegant (especially with a pair of pumps underneath them)! Oh well, the pants featured in this article probably don't go in the "elegant" category, and I probably wouldn't wear heels together with these either (usually I wear them with a pair of Minnetonka type of ballerinas), but they surely have potential to look just as awesome!

Talking about comfy pants, I can't wait until our backpacking trip in Thailand in a few weeks so I can finally wear some cool looking hippie pants! They are the best!! At the moment I'm very busy getting everything around for our trip. It'll be our first backpacking trip and I believe Thailand is the best country to be the first of many many more!


  1. Ze staan je zooo leuk!! Alvast heel veel plezier in Thailand! xxx

  2. Wat een leuke outfit! Je bent heel erg mooi! Alvast heel veel plezier in Thailand! Xx


  3. Heel gave broek! En je bent echt mooi :) alvast veel plezier in Thailand!!


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