Thursday, July 7, 2016

OBSESSED with Rihanna...Concert & style inspiration

As you could read in this post, I've been listening to ANTI continuously for the last couple of weeks, so of course I was incredibly happy when Rihanna's Amsterdam concert got rescheduled for a week later...which meant that I was able to go see her!! Me and my friend Faye, who had just returned from a 7-months trip to Southeast Asia, got our tickets for the regular standing area, but we had no clue that we would be seeing RiRi herself SO CLOSELY! I was pleasantly surprised when the empty space that security held between Golden Circle ticket holders and Us, was meant for The Queen herself to walk through, all the way up to a small stage that suddenly appeared out of nowhere - right next to the spot where we stood. It was crazy to see Rihanna from so close... I thought I was going insane - in an amazingly good way! She sang a couple of songs up there before stepping on a glass bridge that went up in the air and took her over the crowd to the mainstage - but not before she had sung a few songs while hanging right over the heads of the crowd. 

I had seen Rihanna Live before - in 2010, when she was in the country for her Loud Tour. But I was never such a fan as I have become now, since I heard ANTI and closed it into my heart. The best part of the show was hearing Rihanna sing all the ANTI songs that I'd been listening to so often in the past few weeks - it was even better hearing it live. What a great show that was!

In my view Rihanna has become one of the greatest Superstars of our time. Not only is her music lovable, so is her sense of fashion. What's more, she can literally pull e-ver-ything off. Even though her style is somewhat tough, it seems as if she can make everything look super feminine and sexy... while at the same time keeping it classy. Sums up to the awesome L00KB00K that I created here for you.

RiRi loves some (fake) fur for her thick coats. I love it!

Here are some awesome looks. Who else but Rihanna can rock short, pink flat hair just as much as long, red and curly? 
Her looks are all pretty casual, not particularly girly, but a pair of high heels turn each look into a very elegant one. She's the proof that looking good doesn't have to be complicated. A few basic good pieces of clothing seem to be the key.

Getting the Great Gatsby vibes from upper looks... The best thing about being famous is that you can wear an outfit that is almost completely see-through and nobody cares.
Look below: Rihanna likes wearing some huge earrings. Who ever said those are trashy? When worn right, they look right. 
That picture on the right must be from a shoot years ago - and even though I haven't noticed many looks of Rihanna wearing pastel, it does look good on her! I can see why Jay-Z made her famous.

Some more looks. I love the first one. Perhaps it's because of her hair that looks so good there - I love extremely long hair.
Second one: bows look good on her, too. What a surprise.
Third one: incredibly classy, and this look goes great with the hair. I actually believe the hair is what makes the look this great.
Fourth: Love this strange-looking coat. Looks as if it came from afar (Moreover: how many hair cuts can a girl have in a lifetime? I've had the same hair cut for over 6 years!)

Yay for denim jackets! (and red lips). 
Even blond hair looks good on her......even with that silly hat of her! If I would put that thing on my head I would be ridiculed for sure. Must be my face in general because how cool is that hat?!

Now let us take a moment to admire this goddess (and her tatts. and her hair. and her butt crack).

Bye y'all!

Concert pictures in this post are mine. All other pictures are from Tumblr.

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  1. Ik vind Rihanna een bijzonder getalenteerde en zeer opmerkelijke artieste, maar haar muziek valt over het algemeen niet helemaal binnen mijn smaak. Er zijn maar enkele nummers van haar die ik echt leuk vind.

  2. Sommige liedjes van Rihanna vind ik ook erg leuk! En haar kledingstyle ook!

  3. Rihanna is echt mijn stijlicoon, ze is zo mooi en heeft geweldige stijl! Ik heb een tijdje terug ook een post over haar stijl geschreven hahaa :)
    Ik wilde ook zo graag naar haar concert maar ik ging al naar Beyoncé wat nogal duur was (maar ook geweldig). Volgende keer als ze weer naar NL komt ga ik zeker!
    BTW ik kan ik jou comment-ding niet reageren met mijn naam en een link naar mijn blog dus doe ik het maar steeds met een link naar mijn oude blog maar die klopt dus niet... misschien kan je dat veranderen?


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