Friday, July 29, 2016

Pinkpop 2016 in disposable camera photos

Hi reader. Here's a photo collection from our Pinkpop 2016 weekend. Most photos were taken with a disposable camera and I just got them developed. I used to bring a disposable camera to festivals as I did not like to bring my phone (because of theft / lost / broken) - which is a nice relieve from daily life - and even though I did bring my phone this time (needed to be reachable), I still brought the disposable camera as I nearly always love the way the pictures turn out - it's a bit of a long wait, you can't take an unlimited amount of pictures, and you never know if the pic will be ok, but the disposables have so far never disappointed me :) I love the glow these pictures have, no filter needed.  

When I just heard about "Pinkpop" - I must have been like ten years old, and I was playing games online, and this Pinkpop-game came along, and it was this game that made me wanna go. I decided that as soon as I would be old enough to go, age sixteen, I would. I kept my promise. In 2013 Pinkpop was my first-ever festival, and at that time I thought it was A-MA-ZING. I had a blast that weekend and enjoyed a smashing line-up (Green Day... The Killers... 30 Seconds To Mars... The Script... Paramore...and too many to mention here). 

This I went to Pinkpop again, mainly because of The Peppers, but I'm crazy about Doe Maar as well. 3 years and many festivals later, I experienced Holland's oldest popfestival very differently from previous time. Two things: the crowd was immense, even more than I remembered, and too diverse, which made me feel awkwardly like a chicken in some unethical slaughterhouse (I much prefer festivals that attract a more select group, instead of everything within families with small kids to moody grandpa's); secondly, the junk everywhere made me wanna puke. Literally. Every rare spot on the field that was not occupied by someone, was buried under plastic cups and paper plates and dirty napkins. At the end of every day it was a horrible mess. I do understand they can't be cleaning the entire area 24/7, but the real problem here is that they should just put up more trash bins!! I've walked around several times with some trash, with no trash bin to see anywhere wonder people leave all their trash on the ground!! 

Besides these two points of annoyance, we did have a great time overall. I almost died trying to get front row for Paul McCartney, but at least we got a great view. I know people have been saying Paul McCartney wasn't "that great" or whatever, but I found it rather impressive to see a 75 years old man rocking the stage. 
Of course I had a blast at Doe Maar, a brilliant band in my opinion, and I love love love Henny's voice. It's magical. 
Even though we hadn't expect anything, one of our favorite shows that weekend was given by Walk of the Earth. In their performance they used different random stuff to make music, and just their entire show was so entertaining! I think they are a bit underrated and they deserve more publicity, so here it is. 

Of course we tried out a lot of the food trucks at the "Kalm Aan-Laan", and largely avoided the commercialized bars that sell parcel food. I had a lot of different things, from Lebanese falafel from Yalla Yalla Beirut streetfood to Indian food from Lulu's tribal kitchen, which was all really good.

Something Jan Smeets should consider: pay more attention to the Kalm Aan-Laan, add more food trucks and make it larger....Food is very important at festivals and it can enrich your overall experience as well. I like it when a festival has a food line-up besides a regular line-up. Man, I should eat less. I can't think of anything else sometimes. Just...Look how good this all looks!!!

Oh, and I even MET the big boss himself...just run into Jan Smeets somewhere near the main stage. I asked him for a photograph and he was just like: why do you want a photograph of me? (He damn well knows! Pinkpop would not even exist without him!!)

Even though it rained a LOT, especially on Sunday, we had a great time together. I had a good laugh as it was Mitchell's very first time sleeping in an actual tent...on a very thin mattress, while music at the camping was going on until 3 in the morning. He didn't complain as much as I thought he would, so that was good.
Even so I think Pinkpop is great if you want to catch that many concerts of many well-known musicians for not that much money, I think I prefer the smaller, more intimate festivals, where it's not all about who's performing, but the more about the whole atmosphere and experience...I think Lowlands is a better option that way. And I think Pinkpop could be that way, if just some alterations would be applied.

Much love!

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