Sunday, July 3, 2016

Welcome to my crib

I've always been an early bird. Like, I've always been early on things compared to peers (except for wake-up time). My life has always been like this: in 3rd grade, I decided that I was well ready for secondary school. I gave myself some sort of homework assignments and pretended that I was already in High School. Then, 9th grade, I was already bored with the High School life and longed to be a college student so I could move out and have a place of my own. In 10th grade I started collecting stuff that I'd need when I'd ever move out the parents' home. Since I never thought of myself as living in a room in a students' house (in which kitchen and bathroom are shared) - it's not that I'm socially awkward, I just like to have a place to draw back to where I don't need to account for anyone else's needs, whenever I am not engaged in any of many social activities outside the house - I moved into this one-room apartment that was rather small but contained everything one need, and I grew really attached to this room. 

Now it has turned out that the pace of my life hasn't changed a single bit. Moving out of my loved apartment and moving into a bigger one together with someone who is supposed to be the love of my life, only comes naturally to me. Although normally I would love to move on to the next stage in my life, this time it came very soon, even for me. Now I look back at it, in all other cases that I desperately wanted to move on, I often had to wait until I turned older. This time I had only just started to think about the idea of moving in together, and right away it actually became reality. No age restrictions. The timing was just right, different events in our lives made it to be the best thing we could possibly do, and so it happened. And even though our new place is a DREAM, I do feel kinda sad when I look back at my good not-so-old first own place....that we put so much effort, time and money in to create the lovely place where I was supposed to stay for at least a few years....but when I look at our new home, I guess I'm already over it ;-).

My old room never even got completely finished. There were still things I needed to do. Like switch my temporary desk lamp out for a better one. So it goes with the chairs that I borrowed from my parents. I thought they were hideous but I was still looking for ones that I liked. Even so I still want to do a room tour on the blog and show you guys what my first own place looked like. 

Vinyl records and a Doe Maar fan book in a dusty basket.
Cowboy flower boots next to my record player speakers.
Cacti that I find hard to keep alive. I like plants but they don't like me.
Room overview taken up from my bed.
Room details. Vintage carpet, religious candles, some of my favorite movies, some more cacti.
Beauty corner including a basket on my carpet from Marrakesh, and some old polaroid cameras hanging on a coat rack.
Self-inspired closet under the stairways from my upstairs neighbours. 
Cosy bed corner. The elephant plaid is from Madrid and the Babushka doll from Prague. My dad brought one from Prague, like ten years before I was born, and as a kid I always wanted to play with the doll but was never allowed I decided to go and get my own one day and I kept my promise!!!
Kitchen corner, including an old cabinet from France that comes from a French monastery. If you are interested in this unique piece of furniture: I'm having it on sale.
Wooden spoon and fork from Budapest and chopsticks from Hong Kong.
Kitchen details. Shelf, my favorite mugs hanging on the wall, fridge doors full of magnets from places I've been, and a part of the wall with an old type case and a white board attached to it.
Tins with cutlery and a stack of bowls from different places like Madrid and Morocco. I like to collect kitchen ware from different cultures.

I will miss this room bunches, but I can't wait to show you around our new home (when it's all done)! We already feel very much at home here. I never felt any doubts about moving into a house together with Mitchell, except for the fact that I felt bad about leaving my first room that soon, but we have practically been living together for a year already, only having two separate apartments instead of one - which I found rather uncomfortable as I had to carry all my stuff around a lot. Now our new apartment is a lot more spacious for the two of us and I'm sure I won't want to move to another place again soon :-) I love it here!

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  1. super mooie foto's en je hebt zo veel leuke spulletjes! ben benieuwd naar je nieuwe appartement :)

  2. Je hebt het zo leuk ingericht!! De foto's zijn ook super mooi geworden!!

  3. Ooh wat een leuk huisje heb je zeg! :) Zoveel mooie spulletjes!


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