Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Chapter75 will go on as THE BLOG EDITOR!

BLISSFULNESS! It's finally! Gosh, this new blog name has given me some nerve-wracking days...Even after following instructions carefully, the internet would not let me connect my blog to my new custom domain, and even with the help of many forums, I could not figure out how to fix it! Mitchell's friend put some great efforts in helping me out over WhatsApp, but whatever we tried, things remained the same. It was day 3 and I had almost given up hope at that point. Eventually I went to Elonisas in Nijmegen, whom I am FOREVER THANKFUL! One of the guys did some smart-computer-guy-stuff on his PC, and then it was all fixed, just like that. I was pretty amazed.

Okay so you might think, What the heck is up with this blog name change?! Good point. Well, thing is that I never was quite content with my previous blog name, Chapter75. Almost one year ago, I felt the need to set up a blog again to have a space to share the many things that I wanted to share. Even though I had already an impressive list of possible blog posts before the first was even published, coming up with a blog name appeared the most difficult thing. IT'S SO HARD! I came up with a dozen names, but a dozen others had already thought of it first. I looked at the internet for inspiration........only to come across messages like: "If you are so original to start your own blog, you should at least be original enough to come up with your own name..." I could be original enough to come up with a thousand names that are not yet claimed by other bloggers, but besides the name being original, the blog owner, in this case myself, should like it as well!! More importantly: it should suit the blog owner! I mean, it's your BLOG'S NAME. It's what everyone will see first when visiting your blog, meaning it's super important, and no matter how original your name is, if it doesn't suit you, it doesn't make any sense. So yea, being frustrated - I really wanted to drop articles on a blog - I just put the first OK name that wasn't already taken. I knew this cool cocktail bar that had the word "Chapter" and some number following as its name, and it sounded cool, so I just put another random number and surprisingly, the first number I tried worked - the domain was free for me to use. So I just went with it. No meaningful story behind that name. It's like a tattoo that does not stand for any health-promoting spirit or passed-away loved one, but is rather put into permanentness because the owner "kinda liked it",

The best ideas come at night when coming home drunk. Or maybe just sometimes. And maybe just when you're only OK-drunk, somewhere between tipsy and barfing-drunk. I came home one night by myself, scrolled through my Instagram-feed (great thing about following a lot of foreigners is that people post a lot at night) and I just read the words "the edit" somewhere, which made my alcohol-drenched brain think of "the blog editor". I liked it right away, so I checked if the domain was still available and then bought it just there, in the middle of the night. Then I texted my mom to see if she thought this new name was cool (I expected her to agree, as I knew she didn't like the name Chapter 75 at all, as in, her and dad couldn't memorize it - and she was kinda right though. Part of the problem was that the name was too hard). I went to sleep, dizzy but excited, and woke up the next morning to find out that I wasn't able to change blog names yet, uuughhhhh#@&%*$!

Peace has returned, and now I'm writing my first post to my freshly named blog! Woohoo!!

The next thing the reader might wonder is: Is there any less randomness in The Blog Editor compared to Chapter 75? Sure there is! Glad you asked. Part of the reason why I liked The Blog Editor immediately when I first thought of it, is because I felt it suits me at least more than my previous blog name did. It may seem far-fetched but....Did I ever mention that it is my dream job to become editor-in-chief of an (online) magazine when I grow up?! (becoming a freelance writer and photographer makes a fair second) So yea, the word "editor" somewhat stands for some long awaited goals...:-) Anyhow, a blogger is usually its own editor, so 'the blog editor' makes sense, right?

Google tells me 'editor' means 'publisher' in Latin *Be aware of the Latin nerd coming in right now* from the Latin verb "edere" which they claim means "to produce, to put out" (or, according to wikipedia, "to bring forth, to bring about"...but last time I checked, "edere" meant "to eat"...which would make an "editor" "someone who eats"...which would change nothing about the suitableness of my new blog name to me tho. (I really need to review my Latin, I think I'm starting to lose it. Latin was one of my fav subjects in high school and it really got my wonder why I always like things that are completely useless for further life and things like career, and, I don't know, installing a new freakin domain on your own blog?! To me this confirms only more the life-view that I have of the "unfair world", in which all delicious food is unhealthy, all fun classes are useless, all good-looking guys are taken (I'm guilty in this one), everything costs money, innocent people get killed, only christians go to heaven.........It's so messed up, like, what God would come up with this nonsense! For real)

My laptop is about to die......and I'm too lazy to get up and get the charger (I do agree I am an absurdly lazy piece of person, although physically, and I do not find it fair when people say I'm generally lazy! Because I am by farrrrr mentally lazy, like, I would do the Olympics if only I had Mathilda's brain!) so I'm just going to say BYE to you all & go to bed, because I'll be meeting up with Janne tomorrow (Who took the picture in this blog, All photo credits to her) and I need my sleep to come at least close to her fabulousness.

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  1. Echt een hele gave nieuwe naam! (En wat een leuke foto!) Ik vind het verhaal achter je blog naam ook heel mooi. Zelf hoop ik ooit ook op een goede nieuwe naam te komen, maar dat duurt waarschijnlijk nog wel even, haha. xxx

    1. Dankje! :D En ik vind jouw blognaam nu juist super leuk!!

  2. Oeh, wat een leuke naam! En ook het verhaal erachter. Je hebt dezelfde dream job als ik ;). Oh, en even niet over je naam: ik vind dat je zo leuk schrijft! En zó goed Engels!


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