Saturday, August 20, 2016

Croquet et Croquettes 2016

Croquet & Croquettes is the event my sorority/fraternity Ovum Novum may be best known for. Every year in May, one of the groups of gentlemen consisting out of individual ON members of different years - called HG Sabre - organize the Croquet & Croquettes tournament, to which students from other associations are also invited - the reason why the event is so widely known. Although the main activity is a croquet tournament, another thing of importance is the unlimited amount of croquettes that guests can enjoy, while drinking champagne (this is indeed a great combination). Oysters and cocktails are equally present. Ladies and gentlemen are expected to dress up - ladies wearing large hats and pastel dresses or skirts, men wearing spencers or suits - and thus completing the whole scene of gentility and decency. During the day live music is being played, guests play croquet, eat croquettes, drink champagne, chill at the fatboys laid down onto the grass, socialize, and laugh and chat away. At the end of the day there’s barbecue food and an indoor after party to top it off.

To us this is perfect entertainment. You could tell by the ambiance that everyone was having fun. The bright weather had a large share in this. The day was very laid back and relaxing - although not in a Netflix-kinda way. Perhaps that is because everyone looked so incredibly beautiful for the occasion! We don’t dress up like that on a daily base. It’s so completely different from what the girls mostly wear when we’re having an intern party at Ovum Novum’s club different that is from the glamourous way everyone looked at C&C!

Another reason why C&C is commonly known: in the days after, beautiful photographs of the events and its guests are all over the internet. Everyone suddenly adds a new profile picture on Facebook. Everyone looked pretty so of course they all want to be in the picture, but even more because of the quality of the photographs of previous years - everyone wants a photo like that. Photographs from previous years were the work of Tobias van Stijn, someone who taught me a lot of what I know about photography. As I'm in the photography committee of ON, I had hoped he'd ask for our assistance this year, as I would most readily want to volunteer - but when I asked if any assistance was preferable, I heard he had not asked the committee, neither did he have needed assistance in previous years.

Then, perhaps 3 days before the event took place, I received a message from Tobias himself. He wasn't able to make it this year, and the photographer who would replace him had just broken his arm. He was in desperate need of a replacement, and had first thought of me. I could hardly imagine why me, but apparently some of my photos that I had put on the internet were enough to make him feel that I could do it. Of course I was up for the job. I felt very honoured, while at the same time quite pressured, as many guests expected much of the photographs taken at C&C, comparable to previous years. Not to mention that the photographs are important for the way both C&C and ON are presented to outsiders. How could I ever meet those expectations!

Eventually it all turned out pretty well. I was fairly content with what I had produced, and I worked my butt off to get hundreds of pictures through Adobe Lightroom before morning's dawn. Besides the positive feedback, seeing all the new profile pictures on FB that came from my hands was an enormous compliment! I was glad I took the opportunity, not only because of the result, but equally because of the great day I had walking around that field, clicking away with my camera! I was repeatedly asked if I was enjoying myself, concerned that I couldn't bear taking photos all day long, while I may have had the most fun of all!

In this blog post some of the pictures that I took at C&C are featured. All pictures that were taken that day can be found here (pictures by me, Tobias van Stijn and Dante Tatipata).

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  1. Wat een prachtige foto's! Croquet vind ik er altijd zo gezellig uitzien, maar ik heb het nog nooit zelf gedaan!


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