Friday, August 26, 2016

Festival vibes...PITCH 2016

PITCH 2016 was the most spacious cozy festival this year ♥ No people pushing each other aside, no endless lines at the food stands, no claustrophobia from the pressing crowd.... Maybe it was just the dreadful weather. It's hard to imagine, looking at the incredible high temperatures these past few days, that at the beginning of this same summer, rain was spoiling the early festival season. But it couldn't hurt our fun. Even though sitting on the grass and chill was no option, most of the venues were indoors, so we hardly noticed the rain. We did notice it, although, on our way there, when we found ourselves kinda lost...Thank god we purchased plastic ponchos just in case!! Partly because we got lost (and partly because we spent a lot of time eating food at home, the gross gobblers we are), we arrived just in time to see ODESZA, about whom I was most excited to see (You could read here that I've been listening to there music a lot lately). But we loved dancing to techno music (and impressive light shows) in the Gashouder as well, just like jumping to the hiphop/R&B music in the Transformatorhuis. I guess we are just not that picky when it comes to music. 

At first it was kinda hard to define what sort of music PITCH actually stands for (Michelle texted me one day "What kinda music festival is Pitch exactly? A guy asked and I hardly know what to answer!"). The internet told us things like "crossover", "electro-tinged", "progressive electronic music", so PITCH is basically a mix of all sorts of electronic music: techno, deephouse, dubstep, disco, and hiphop/R&B, or rather: anything you can dance to. But I also noticed some artists on the program that I'd rather define as singer-songwriters after looking up some of their music...Still, I thought of "Yung Internet" as the strangest of all on the program, after I heard their song about the Amsterdam Cooldown Cafe...Haha! Nevertheless, in the end the mixed up program makes perfect sense, and it turns out that PITCH knew what it was doing: its program proved the formula to a perfect day. 

FOOD is, to me, an important part of festival visiting. Me and Michelle got us some coins & shared the food so we could try out more. All was delicious, which greatly contributed to our fun. Most of the time that we were not eating, we spent dancing, after which we rested at a nice campfire - imagine, this type of small festivals allows them to set up campfires for the guests! Another great thing! - at which we suddenly realized this place (Westergasfabriek) was the exact same place where we were last time TOGETHER, EIGHT YEARS AGO at a Nelly Furtado concert with our moms!! We suddenly remembered very clearly where the stage used to be...where we must have stand near the technical guys, who let us stand on a part of the barrier so we could see over the heads of the others (it was 2008, and we were only eleven years old, and a lot shorter than we are now, yet still too big to be carried in the air or onto the neck by our moms)...It was kinda crazy how unknowingly we came back to that place together, both for the first time in eight years! (I realize now how weird it is to be talking about something that happened eight years ago, am I that old that I can remember things of that long ago?) What all has changed in eight years! Apparently something didn't change: me and Michelle still hang out on a frequent base & still go to music events together (even though we do not fangirl over Nelly Furtado anymore).

The headliner of that day (Friday), was Santigold, and we found their music just weird! (Apologies!) At least we could dance in an exuberant way to it, which may have been just as weird as the music we danced too, but at least we had more fun than if we'd just have had to listen to that music! I guess it must have been a Pitch-thing, that even when you're not into the music that much, it still could be fun! :-)

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