Sunday, August 7, 2016

Gurl, I like your style!.....Manou and her dungarees in Amsterdam

Me and Manou went into Amsterdam for a museum visit a little while ago, and as it was a beautiful sunny day I got some pictures while we were there - INCLUDING some of my friend Manou herself!! She was wearing these lovely denim dungarees on a striped top, together with a cute little backpack and a green jacket, and doesn't it look good on her?! Thankfully she did not (very much) mind that I took some photographs of her near an Amsterdam canal, and now I'm showing her off on the blog ;-)

I love being in Amsterdam (especially when the sun is shining) as there is never a dull moment and a great city to come down to armed with your camera (Thank god students travel for free). It's even fun to just sit down somewhere and watch other people, like this street artist kinda guy who blew huge bubbles, then seeing an old lady - at least 60 years of age - come up and enjoying the bubbles, trying to kiss them - I'm not even kidding. It looked ridiculously cute. 

Much thanks to Manou for being in my pictures and on my blog & Much love to all of you.


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