Monday, August 29, 2016

HOTSPOT Californian feelings at CALI

Hi You! 
Our normal lives are about to take off again, but the Dutch summer is far from over, as high temperatures are expected this upcoming week. And even if summer eventually fades away, there will always be some ways to get those summer feelings back. CALI in Nijmegen is the perfect place to go to when you miss summer too much - even when you're in the middle of a busy school week, as CALI is a great place to bring your laptop to and to get some work done. The old school desks you can sit to, fit this purpose perfectly. At the same time, CALI is a nice place for a break, to chat with friends and share some snacks, as they don't exactly sell full lunch/dinner meals, but rather small portions of food that are somewhere in between lunch and dinner food, and that is supposed to be shared. It's actually pretty great: everything on the menu can be ordered any time of the day, so there's no true distinction between lunch and dinner dishes, so you can pretty much order what you feel like, without being looked at weird when you want nachos or a sticky brownie for dinner. It is also possible to order a mix of all kinds of snacks they have. The first time me and my friend Anne came there, we just picked a few things from the menu & shared all of it, while the second time, when I went with the girls of my year club (there were a lot of them) we all had our own dish, but some of us swapped meals halfway, to have a taste of the other person's meal as well (everyone loooves the bbq pulled pork!). 

So CALI is pretty laid back. Old pictures and posters cover the walls, cacti outline the room, cocktail umbrellas perk up every drink, wooden crates function as coffee tables in the middle of a circle of lounge chairs and a couch. CALI radiates a personal touch, a certain uniqueness that makes the place a very casual and unconstrained one. They use a lot of products from local firms (just like De Meesterproef, about which I wrote before here), which makes that CALI blends in with Nijmegen even more than the beautiful old building they are located in does already. But while located near the city center, it's still quite hidden away in the old town, at a pretty cute location. Definitely a place you would want to visit whenever you're in town.

All pictures but the last one were taken last time I was at CALI. The last picture was taken during my first time there and was posted on my Instagram at that time.

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  1. wauw dat ziet er super leuk en gezellig uit! Hele leuke detail foto's ook :)

  2. Erg mooie sfeervolle foto's!


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