Sunday, August 14, 2016

I love my bathing suit but my boyfriend hates it!!

You might have noticed that it's been a bit quiet on the blog lately, and those who already follow me on Instagram may know that I've spend past three weeks in Thailand. I was on Koh Phi Phi only days ago! It's crazy how fast time flies, and Thai time seemed to go even faster than time does here. We had three weeks, two of which we spent on diehard traveling around the mainland, from Bangkok to Chiang Mai and in-between, then back to the south where we lived the island life for a couple of days before returning to the ever-cold Netherlands. Here another exciting week is waiting: together with some others I'll be leading a group of new students through their orientation week, which is, some orientation and a lot of partying and fun. (Lord, help me)

Surely more detailed posts about our Thailand trip will be featured on the blog, it's just not on top of the list now (I hate myself for somehow creating an endless To Post-list, but I promise Thailand news will be somewhere in the middle, so it will be here eventually! for real. In the meantime I'll keep wondering how other bloggers manage to keep up with their blog and seem to synchronize their life & blogposts in some way, while I feel like I should be in prison so I'll have seas of time to catch up!) Here's something not quite so much Thailand-related, but the photos where shot at the Thai island Koh Phi Phi: wearing my black kinda-basic bathing suit!!! To be honest this is not what my perfect black bathing suit looks first I was looking for something somewhat more revealing, but I didn't succeed so much, when at the end of last summer I found this piece forgotten in the sales department, and took it home. I had almost forgotten about it, so I renewed my search for a black bathing suit when suddenly this old fellow turned up somewhere! Now I actually like it a lot, although my dear boyfriend disagrees.....he much prefers a bikini over a one-piece bathing suit, probably for some obvious man-ish reasons that we should not care for when getting dressed!! I must say that I find this bathing suit much more comfortable than most of the bikinis I've ever had, plus you don't have to suck in your belly all the time when wearing one ;-)

Besides getting to wear nice swimwear, there's really nothing fancy about going to the beach. For example, my hair and the sea are not a great match. I know beach waves are legit & everything, but at the same time it must be an all-known fact that "tbeach waves" is a nice term to make a hairdo sound nice that really is "wild, untameable and tangled"... After making a fashion-statement with those beach waves at the beach - read: forgot to tie up my hair before getting into the water, then having it all wet so there was no way to tie it anymore - I am extremely glad to get rid of those damned beach waves in the shower, when I soaked my hair in a whole bucket of conditionner.

Second inconvenience when at the beach: I feel freaking nervous the entire time, would I bring my camera-baby or my cell phone, for someone greedy to steal my stuff! Not so much for the stuff itself, but the more for the thousands of irreplaceable photos that they contain! When these photos in this post where taken, I first bought an entire new memory card so I could safely leave my others, filled with what's good for three weeks of memories, at home.

Well, what's more to this awesome beach look that is so well-thought put together? Besides a one-piece bathing suit covering so much of your body to leave something for imagination, and some sticky and salty beach waves, all you need is a pair of sunglasses to cover your make-upless eyes and a pair of hairy legs (i swear I shave, that shit just grows faster than the blink of an eye), and you're totally beach ready! That's the very best thing about the beach: you don't have to think much before going, besides "will this shit last in the water" (keys and money may also be something that should be thought of as well) and you can pretty much leave your house with your "I woke up like this"-self!

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