Tuesday, August 30, 2016

PALM TREES are my new addiction

Yay for one-piece clothing! I love it when you can just cover your underwear by putting on one single piece of fabric and be ready to go. The simplicity! Funny how dresses and jumpsuits are not only easy to wear (no combining needed!), they are as well more comfortable and often look more fabulous! Crazy how we tend to over-think about what to wear, while we could get done way easier if we would only wear one-piece clothing, and often be better off! 

In autumn/winter I like to combine many pieces of clothing together to create a cool look, but in summer I prefer dresses, which are airy so the breeze feels nice in the warm summer heat. When temperatures rise, I can't handle too much fabric on my body, so when I'm not wearing any crop top and shorts/skirt, I like to wear a light summer dress or a playsuit like the one I'm wearing in these pictures. This one is pretty perfect for summer. The fabric is soft an nice, and I'm kinda obsessed with the print on there....Looks great at the beach, plus they are matching my shoes!! I got both items in sale, the playsuit (Mango) probably like last year when they were getting rid of the summer collection, the shoes (Sacha) I bought recently, but they were probably selling these because they give you painful blisters!! Sucks, because I walk on them very comfortably, only discovering the blisters by the end of the day. 

The pictures in this article were taken at the beach at Curaçao by my mom - who has made great improvements when it comes to picture taking, and I'm very happy about the way they've turned out! Here's a picture of my mom that I took of her to set an example, but I think it turned out really well! Thanks mom!

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  1. Zo mooi al die foto's! Ook die van je moeder. Heel tof patroontje. XX

  2. Echt een prachtig printje, staat je zo leuk, lekker zomers!
    XO IMKE | Pastellics

  3. Wow!! Je foto's zijn echt prachtig! En die print staat je geweldig!

  4. oh, die zonnebril staat je super!

  5. Oeh, leuk playsuitje :) Mooie foto's heeft je moeder gemaakt! (en die foto van haar is ook heel mooi!)


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