Friday, September 30, 2016

HOTSPOT Van Mechelen [Amsterdam]

Every time I visit Michelle in Amsterdam we like to go out for lunch or dinner, and this time we couldn't think of anywhere to go until Michelle mentioned this "one place in an old auto-repair shop near her house". I didn't think much of it as she forgOT TO MENTION HOW AWESOME IT WAS! I liked it a lot so I was glad we'd eventually decided to go there: Stadscafe Van Mechelen it is!

It was indeed near her former apartment, and in an old auto-repair shop as well, although it hardly looked like one anymore, but the industrial look has remained rather dominant - at least part of the reason why this place is very cool. One part of the room (the part we were sitting it) was really light and clear (until sunset), old-ish posters covered one of the walls that were left unpainted and we sat down on the old skool chairs to a table with a wooden top and a large candle upon it. 

Chalkboards told us what was that day's speciality - some kind of duck I think it was that day, and it was what I chose. A very good choose I must say! Michelle had a burger and we both had a dessert that was served on cute little grandma plates. Not only did I like the general atmosphere at Van Mechelen, the food was particularly tasty as well! Some place I'd certainly recommend to any who's looking for a place to sit down nicely and eat deliciously and well. 

Van Mechelen serves some classic dishes, made from sustainable and high quality products - something you can tell by the food's taste, and something I can appreciate a lot personally. Not too many dishes to pick from, but certainly enough for everyone to find something he likes. Furthermore, it is perfectly fine if you only want to have a drink there, as they have plenty of small snacks that go extremely well together with a drink or two.

Make sure to check out Van Mechelen whenever you're in Amsterdam, because this one you don't want to miss!

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  1. Oh damn, dat ziet er heeeeeel goed uit. Liefs.x

  2. Ohmyyy, ziet er heel lekker en leuk uit!

  3. Ziet eruit als een leuke hotspot!

  4. Ziet er zo gaaf uit daar! En hele mooie foto's :)

  5. Wat een toffe plek! En het eten ziet er ook heel goed uit!


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