Tuesday, September 27, 2016

L00K: the best white pants

A while ago I wrote a blogpost about the photographs that I was asked to take at the Croquet & Croquettes event this year. As you could read, during this event quests are expected to dress up fancy, and for girls this meants wearing a dress and a large hat, or something alike. I didn't think a hat was going to work out for me as I was going to have to take photographs the entire day, so I ditched the hat first and eventually I ditched the dress as well, a recommendation that was my moms. 

When she came into my apartment a few days before the event, she was wearing these white pants herself as they are hers, and I asked her where she got these pants and more importantly, why she got those and not me?! She then told me I could borrow it, and then said that I should wear it at the C&C event. At first I was at doubt, as it was very unusual to wear pants for that specific occasion, but it turned out that I didn't even own a dress at that point that looked better than those pants, and eventually we concluded that the pants would not mismatch the dresscode anyhow. So I went with the pants, matched them with a pair of pointy-nose black pumps, a crop top, my DW watch, and ready to go I was!

I got immensely positive reactions to my outfit, and my former worries that the event might not be the right occasion for those pants were absolutely unnecessary. Some girls even came up to me weeks after the event to praise my look! I can do no other than conclude that these white pants are awesome, classy, perfect for fancy events, and never less than a dress!

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