Saturday, September 17, 2016

L00K: red polo-style crop top & HaPpy SoCKs

Here's another something I wore at one of those awfully hot days! I'm longing for the dreadful weather. Even though I much wished for this climate to happen to our tiny country, I now truly appreciate the firmly defined four seasons we used to have! I do now appreciate the long autumn walks over leaf-covered roads, the short days on which we rode our sleds over a thick blanket of snow on the pavement, the chilly spring mornings that required a light jacket, that we deliberately tossed away by the time the afternoon sun had warmed up the world. Usually, in all those seasons, I would long for summer - only now I feel annoyed, as this year's summer seems to last forever (we're halfway through september indeed!). I don't want sticky hands because of melting ice cream, sweating bodies bumping in to each other, seeing the world through a filthy filter because my sunglasses are protecting my eyes from the blinding sun. 

It was one of those days, on which I could not bear too much fabric on my body, so eventually I turned to crop tops and shorts. There's no other way I could possibly function in such heat and humidity! So here I am, posing in front of some awesome street art in Nijmegen (nearly as awesome as the street art we saw in Berlin this past weekend, where it was equally inhumanly hot) in my red polo-style crop top (if it wasn't for my bellybutton, my stomach might have been the white lower part of a regular top - thanks to my bathing suit), old pair of shorts, older pair of creepers, and my boyfriend's happy socks (it's perfectly fine to snitch any gifts you gave when you're sharing a closet). Easy L00k for a meet-up with friends in town on a terribly hot day.

After Berlin last weekend, I needed some time to recover from all the fun and efforts. So I'll probably need these upcoming days to catch up on all the work I got to do - it's a never-ending list. Tomorrow I'll go and see my boyfriend's soccer match. Shame on me, I never went to see one of his matches before - mostly because he had an accident during the first match of last season, then had to give up on soccer for over a year. A sad tragedy, one he himself likes to tell most readily. It had been a great, to be his number one for a year over his first love, soccer. Even though tensions are tight between us, he wants me to meet her - so he had been begging me to come to his game the first one I could, which will be tomorrow, his second game. I know he will be thrilled for me to come, and I'm glad that he recovered so well (image an amputated leg could have been another likely scenario) and to see him happy because he gets to be with his grand amour again, although it was her who broke his leg in the first place!

Thanks to Janne for the pics!

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  1. hele gave top!
    wat een prachtige heldere kleur.


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