Thursday, September 8, 2016

TROPICAL L00K to celebrate the last sun rays of summer '16

These last summer days here have been great to us so far, so there's really nothing to complain about. Nevertheless I've already been going back and forth to trousers, mentally preparing for the autumn weather to come. But it's not yet too late to post some very summer-ish looks on here: this is one of my favorites that I've been wearing a lot this summer. It's an awesome, light-weighted and comfy dress, perfect for the backpacking trip we did through Thailand this summer. These pictures were taken during that trip, at one of the last days when we were about to take a boat trip somewhere in the South of the country. I didn't bring the shoes that have been my favorites at all other times I wore this dress, as the limited amount of space in a backpack wouldn't allow it, nor were they suitable for the long walking distances we often encountered, as they give me terrible blisters! (You may have seen this picture below before, as it was in my last L00K-post here).

This weekend my festival season will come to an end, but not in the least way: Janne and I will be heading to BERLIN for the LOLLAPALOOZA festival! I'm so very excited about this festival! Heard so much about it, although I only recently found out they're having a European version as well, and thankfully the chosen city is not that far from ours. Besides two days of festival, we'll have two days to spend in the city of Berlin as well. It's been years since I last came there, and I don't remember much of it - but many of my friends recall it to be amazing, so I'm really looking forward to being there again! Anyone else going to Lollapalooza this year? Oh and any tips on Berlin would be appreciated!

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  1. Zo gaaf dat je naar Berlijn bent! Mooie foto's ook :)


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