Monday, September 12, 2016

#womancrush LILY-ROSE DEPP

By Karim Sadli for Chanel

So this is what you get when two perfect creatures, embodied by Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp, decide to create another such creature: Lily-Rose Depp, who with only 17 years of age is already prettier, cooler and better at life than me and most other girls who's parents are not Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp. Sigh. What's left for us is to get inspired by Lily-Rose and admire her over the internet - what's what I'm about to do now. Since she has just become the face of Chanel's new #5 L'eau, I thought it to be the right time to fangirl publicly over her. I mean, it's kind of a big thing when you go from one magazine shoot and many social media snapshots to Chanel.....Guess that's the life of a Karl Lagerfeld muse.

Although she has accomplished virtually nothing yet - besides some modeling and acting in one movie - she has the genes to speak for her. I think we may expect much from her in the future. In the meantime we can enjoy the little she has done so far, because it's all very notable: some photoshoots, her personal instagram feed, and her style. 

Chanel Eyewear campaign by Karl Lagerfeld

Sassy on her instagram feed @lilyrose_depp. SHE'S SO COOL. Can we take a moment to appreciate her facial features and awesome haircut? 

Film festival Cannes 2016
2016 Sundance film festival 
MET Gala 2016 in Chanel couture
Film festival Cannes 2016
Chanel show March 2015

When it comes to fancy clothing, there's one thing for sure: she likes the classy look - and we like it on her! 

Lily-Rose just turned baggy into the new classy - she can literally pull anything off. She could basically swap clothes with a homeless person and still look cool. Wonder what that would be like.

We should keep a close eye to this girl because obviously She Totally Rocks!

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  1. Leuke Editorial :D
    Ik vind haar stijl ergens wel leuk :D

    Ik heb een leuke giveaway op mijn blog en geef 3x een Michael Kors Hamilton tas weg!



    Bezoek ook mijn andere website Modekalender voor leuke mode events

  2. SO. PRETTY. Elke outfit staat haar inderdaad goed!


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