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FENTY x PUMA Fall 2016 RTW Collection

Can we please take a moment to appreciate Rihanna's collab with Puma?! FENTY x PUMA is one of the best things I ever came across! You may know that I'm a huge Rihanna-fan (especially since her Anti album) and I'm not at all surprised that she is such a multi-talented person ;-). Naming Rihanna Puma's women's creative director & global brand ambassador for women's training may have been Puma's best move ever, especially considering that Puma has always been the least favorite sports brand compared to Nike and Adidas. Let's face it - it'll be hard for Puma's competitors to come up with someone more kick-ass than Puma's RiRi.

Let's talk about the Fenty x Puma Fall 2016 Ready-To-Wear collection. Although we've already seen it at New York Fashion Week in February this year, the collection was dropped for sale at the beginning of this month. I'm not a sporty type of girl - on the contrary! - but Rihanna proves that sportswear is not just for sports anymore (Who could have ever guessed that sweatpants could be this glamorous?!) and even I wished I could have it all. Some collection containing mainly black and white pieces appear boring to me, but Fenty x Puma certainly didn't. It's hot, sexy, dark, glamorous, and at the same time still sporty and not particular feminine. There's a touch of gothic and there are some ghetto vibes. But Rihanna was mostly inspired by Japanese street-culture and tradition. Another homage to Japan can be found in the campaign for the collection, that was inspired by Japanese art, and in which Asian models like Fei Fei Sun, He Chong and Sang Woo Kim are featured.

Photos: Willy Vanderperre for FENTY PUMA

At the runway - as seen below - models had lips painted black and hair painted white, while eyes were left most naturally. We saw a lot of see-through pieces, woolen hats, fur coats, lace-up hoodies, shoes and even a dress, chokers, both large and small, socks pulled up high, oversized items, thigh-high boots and creepers. Some of my favorite runway looks can be seen below.

According to a press release in February, "Rihanna challenged traditional male and female silhouettes and blurred the lines between genders that are often times too rigid for het tastes". Although I don't think this collection is entirely "genderless", I do believe that Rihanna would not stop herself because of traditional fashion rules for a specific gender. It must be clear that Rihanna would not let anything stop her from expressing her own style, not even when it comes to her very own collection on the runway! It's probably why Rihanna's collaboration with Puma is such a success. She redefines Puma her own way!

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At Puma's website we find lacing bras, bell sleeved shirts and hoodies, graphic tees, pencil skirts, but also a kimono maxi track jacket, kimono sweatpants, a velvet lace-up backpack, and awesome caps. The creepers (which were already released in June this year) are incredibly popular and sell out in no-time - maybe it's because those are some of the most affordable items of the entire collection (and because they are freaking beautiful).  

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Other celebrities prove that Rihanna's Fenty Puma collection is absolutely fantastic. Naomi Campbell is wearing Fenty x Puma from head to toe in Vogue Italia's September issue, and Gigi Hadid can be seen wearing a pair of Fenty x Puma stiletto sneakers in the American edition. Rihanna's love Drake was also spotted wearing a Fenty x Puma men's fur coat.

Let me know about your thoughts on Rihanna's Fenty x Puma Fall collection in the comment box!

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