Monday, October 17, 2016

L00K: From Thailand, With Love

I'm obsessed with these pants that I bought at a Bangkok night market last summer! It was our last night in Thailand and we decided to do some souvenir shopping and get rid of our lasts Baht before we had to leave, when my eye caught these happy and comfy pants on a display mannequin hanging above a market stall. I fell in love right away. After talking to the vendor for a lil bit, I left very pleased with these pants in a plastic bag, and only a couple of euros less in my pockets. 

When I first thought of bringing a pair of cheap pants from Thailand, I had imagined myself in some very backpacker-ish pair of fishermans pants, and never did I think that a pair of cheap Thai market pants could be this classy! I like them a lot when combined with a pair of black heels like these that I borrowed from my mom. Oh, and who thought that one-size clothing in Thailand means small-sized is wrong - these pants would be on my ankles if my mom hadn't solved the problem with a safety pin!

I'm slowly making progress on editing the over 3K pictures that I took in Thailand, so those won't be up here until later. I was glad to be finished with my Hong Kong pictures last month so I took an well-needed editing break after that, and now I don't want to rush through my Thailand ones either. Though I'm very content with some photos that I took so far, so I will most definitely share them with you some time!

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  1. Wat een super toffe outfit! Mooie kleurrijke broek!

  2. Wauw wat een gave broek! En zoo tof dat je in Thailand bent geweest.

  3. Wat een fantastische outfit! Die broek staat je geweldig!

  4. Absoluut prachtig vind ik die broek! (Jammer dat het er hier in Nederland niet echt vaak het weer voor is.)
    Echt mooi in combinatie met dat strakke zwarte shirt in die oorbellen.


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