Sunday, October 9, 2016


Dear readers, hope you are all doing fine. At the beginning of this week both me and Mitchell got very ill but thankfully we both recovered rather quickly. This weekend we both had our "housewarming" parties, Friday for my friends and Saturday for his - although we've been living in this apartment for over 3 months now, this was the perfect moment to gather all our friends together and show off our place that we grew so fond of already. I told my friends to bring me plants, so plants is what I got. Thankfully most of them are cacti, as I'm not gifted with the talent of taking care of plants properly. One special plant was the elephant ear plant that has the most beautiful large leaves which I hope to keep happy and alive for as long as possible, guarded with the two screenshots of an instruction email by the plant seller. 

Naturally, I didn't get much stuff done this week. A terrible fatigue that's been afflicting me for the past two weeks is not helping much either. But I did do some painting as you can see above. Simple painting brings peace to the self - it's perfect meditation. Here I listed a couple of songs that I've encountered in the past time and that I'd like to share. Considering I've been not feeling very well lately, you may imagine that these songs are quite calm and relaxing, but all sung by incredibly beautiful voices. For quick listening, I put the links to the YouTube vids down below.

Note: the order of songs is at random, and not a ranking of my favorites.

#1 Birdy + Rhodes - Let It All Go
#2 Years & Years - Eyes Shut
#3 Aurora - I went too far

#4 Daughter - Youth
#5 London Grammar - If You Wait
#6 Eminem + Nate Ruess - Headlights
#7 Florence + The Machine - Never Let Me Go

#8 Grace VanderWaal - I Don't Know My Name
#9 Jarryd James - Do You Remember
#10 Rae Morris - From Above
#11 Lana Del Rey - Religion

I saw both Years & Years and Aurora live at the Lollapalooza festival in Berlin this year. I had seen Years & Years a few months before that at the Pinkpop festival, but I thought the quality of their show was way way better at Lollapalooza than at Pinkpop (no clue why). Olly is an amazing guy, it's even interesting to just watch him on stage, moving and dancing strangely but in a way that doesn't appear so strange because it's HIM! Only at Lollapalooza I realized that his voice is beautiful. I was especially touched by his performance of "Eyes Shut", which he sung from behind his piano. 

Aurora was quite new to me when I saw her at the festival, but I immediately knew that she made the kind of music that I liked. Her songs reminded me slightly of London Grammar, one of my favorite bands. The song "I went too far" was one of the first that I ever heard, so I became most familiar with this one. The song is - as she said to notice herself as well - a lot 'happier' than most of her other songs, which, to be honest, can appear a bit boring when they're being performed in a row in combination with the lack of visual stimulation from the stage.

Ever since I saw Grace VanderWaal's audition for 'America's Got Talent', I've been following her journey to success. This song, "I Don't Know My Name", is an original written by the 12-years-old Grace herself - unbelievable, huh? Over the course of AGT, she exclusively performed originals, resulting in her winning the competition. What I like most about her story, is how Simon Cowell asked her at her audition if she thought she could win, at which she responded: "Miracles can happen, so possibly." And that miracle happened: Grace won. The one million price money she received was almost completely donated by her to charity - except for a small amount of the price money that she wanted to use to get herself a treehouse from Treehouse Masters, the TV show. This is just one example of the beautiful character of someone with a beautiful voice - two things she proved to own from her audition on.

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  1. Aah dat meisje kan zo mooi zingen!! Ze is nog zo jong maar haar stem is zo bijzonder!

  2. Ik ben echt een mega fan van Grace! Wat een talent zeg, ze heeft me helemaal betoverd de eerste keer dat ik der auditie zag! Hele leuke playlist voor de rest trouwens ook, volledig mijn stijl!

  3. Tof, ik kende zeker nog niet alle muziekjes van hierboven. Dank dus voor de inspiratie ^^


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