Wednesday, October 5, 2016

#throwback BY THE CREEK festival 2016

As the days are growing colder, I'm throwing it back to those days by the creek. After Pinkpop and Pitch, By The Creek was my third festival this season. This was the first year By The Creek took place, so the whole thing was still quite small and intimate, something that I much prefer. Four different event organisations, including Vunzig deuntjes and ZeeZout, put their hands together to create a joyful festival day filled with dancing and music. Each organisation ha its own stage, having its own music genre, going from house to hiphop/r&b to techno. As I went to the festival together with Lies, a huge techno lover and inventor of the "techno hand", a dance that we like to copy after her (although poorly, according to Lies) we mainly stood at the BASIS stage, especially loving the performances of Ringo and Ben Sims. We enjoyed the Vunzige deuntjes stage a lot as well, especially when Rihanna songs were being played (Lies is probably the biggest Rihanna fan you'll ever meet), just like the other stages that were located near the water, where some dudes were floating in tubes.

The area was pretty spacious. Although we were basically beneath a highway bridge, we were surrounded by nature, looking beautiful and peaceful. There was sand making small beaches, and water that you could go in to for a swim, which we did not fancy to do although it was incredibly hot that day. I don't know what we would have done if we couldn't refill our water bottles in the bathrooms! Overall I think By The Creek is a nice addition to the Dutch festival season. Location, music, and the amount of people were all pretty right. They also had shuttle busses taking us from and to the festival (otherwise it would be quite hard to reach) which played loud music on the way to get us in the mood. But when we got there, the lady who checked my ticket didn't believe I was old enough, and looked at my identity card with great precision! (Not to mention I'm over one year older than Lies)

What I was wearing: white embroidered top on black denim shorts, a long necklace and a set of bracelets, white embroidered cowboy boots (naturally they got all dirty at the festival), and a small green with brown bag. I hope you can tell what I was wearing by the crappy disposable camera pictures that are in this blogpost.

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  1. Oh, de foto's zien er supergezellig uit! :)

  2. Tof! De foto's zijn ook heel leuk :)

  3. Oeh, ziet er super gezellig uit! Die foto's zijn héél goed gelukt met je wegwerpcamera! En altijd zo grappig wanneer mensen niet geloven dat je oud genoeg bent en je id willen checken of dergelijke. Haha.

  4. Dat ziet er leuk uit! Die patat lijkt me lekker!


  5. Leuke foto's ! :) En ook een leuke outfit!


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