Monday, October 31, 2016

Year club weekend in Amsterdam

These past few days I've taken some time to catch up with a lot of my To-Dos, besides taking some well-needed rest. These days that I had to myself certainly paid off: I feel re-energized and ready to take on the world again! I also got to do a lot of overdue photo-editing, including the photos seen in this article. And during the entire weekend I was also doing a big computer files back-up, and now almost all of my files are in my new cloud station! Something I should have done much earlier...Alas, at least I'm almost exclusively working with Mac now!! I've been using two laptops for a long time because my Macbook didn't have enough storage memory, while my Windows didn't have enough working memory. The result: I was using my Windows laptop for photo-editing even though it would continuously shut down in the middle! Not to mention that I regularly carried two laptops around. Now that I got a cloud station to store all my photos in, I can finally edit on my Macbook and get rid of the old and slow Windows one (I'm sorry Windows, but after all those years I got to admit: Macbook is a lot more pleasant to work with!). Although this is a good solution, it's not ideal: my cloud is like an external hard drive when on  the home network, but a cloud (much like dropbox) when away, which means that when away, I can indeed always access my files but only use them (which means edit them!) by first downloading them to my Mac....which is the exact thing I was trying to avoid: having those files on my Mac! (I know this may seem obvious, but I wasn't aware of this as I was told differently at the store) I'm trying to get around this problem by downloading and saving those files to an actual external hard drive, but that doesn't solve the problem that the downloading is incredibly slow....Some people say we're living in the perfect age: we know a world as it was without internet, and we know the advantages of internet as well. But I think this also means we're living in a "transitional phase", and so we have to deal with things as slow loading, slow internet, errors, and other things that are not optimized yet...but probably will be in the future. Well I shouldn't complain, at least I am able to make use of the wonders of the internet, AND I'm able to use my Mac for photo editing from now on!! (I'm just really panicky about my photo storing so I would love everything to work the way I want it to)

Alright, so the past weekend I also got to edit the photos I took during our very first year club weekend (read more about my year club here). We spent some days in our capital, and we were lucky to be able to stay at someone's apartment for those days as the owner wouldn't be there anyways. We went to "city beach" Blijburg, had dinner at awesome hotspots (about which I will write more another time), visited the Amsterdam Sex Museum (which is not so impressive for a country as The Netherlands, but I think that it must be very impressive/shocking to people from countries were sex is more of a taboo), danced all night at Disco Dolly, walked around the beautiful city of Amsterdam, and spent some time with each other at the apartment where we stayed. 

I found that I took a lot of pictures of one of my year club mates, Merith, as she happens to be very photogenic, something you can obviously tell from the pictures above: consequently, she happens to be in all pictures in which a single person can be seen (except for the close-ups of the hair bun and the ice cream, those are parts of my year club mate named Lise). I like last two pictures as in there Merith seems to be the happiest living person on earth, and she may be. I mean, being photogenic like that while at the same time being an A+ medical student make good predictors for happiness I suppose. Not to mention that she has the most amazing people for a year club!!

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  1. Wauw, wat een mooie foto's! Leuk ook die afwisseling tussen de foto's van mensen en de foto's van het fruit :)

  2. Wat ziet dat er onwijs gezellig uit!! Liefs, Florentine

  3. Heel mooie foto's! Ziet er gezellig uit!


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