Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Els, 2016

This is Els, and for the attentive reader, you may have noticed her in my previous post. Els is indeed a member of the 2016-2017 board of the student association for psychology students in Nijmegen, and these photos above were taken at the same day as the formal photos of the board that could be viewed in my previous post. I really like these photos of Els, but I didn't think they would fit in with the other, more formal photos very well. Thanks to the VSCO app, these photos are a lot more "artsy" than the other ones (in my opinion), but nevertheless did I want to share these photos with you, because just look at that smile! Isn't it utterly beautiful? I think Els is very photogenic, and her cheerful, outgoing personality makes her very fun to shoot with - I also think this beautiful inner being of hers really shows in these pictures. Her modeling skills (that she is most likely unaware of) are obsessive. She slightly reminds me of Dutch model Marjan Jonkman - they have the same shape of face, the same angelic blonde hair, and the same tough girl appearance. But I haven't yet seen Marjan's smile even once, so I suspect that it must be not half as beautiful as Els's.

Els, it was a pleasure to photograph you, girl! I'm your fan!

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  1. Mooie foto's! Het blijft leuk om mensen te fotograferen vind ik ! Liefs

  2. Wat een mooie foto's! En wat een lief stukje heb je erbij geschreven. X


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