Sunday, November 20, 2016

Formal photos of the 2016-2017 board of my major's students association

Hey girls & dudes who read this blog! Today I'm sharing with you the result of a photoshoot that I did for the current board (the IXth, to be exact) of my major's students association (note: this is very different from a fraternity/sorority as it's only for students from one specific major, there are no hazing rituals, and activities are in part focused on the major's field of study). As you may know I'm currently majoring in Psychology, and SPiN (Studievereniging Psychologie in Nijmegen) is the student association for psychology students in my University town (Nijmegen). Last year I was an active member of SPiN, as a member of the committee that arranged a 10-days study trip to Hong Kong last May (The Hong Kong trip has been featured at this blog many times. Missed it? Read here about my first impressions, my favorite things to do, what else to do, and about food in Hong Kong)! This year I decided not to be involved in another committee, as now other obligations tend to dominate my schedule, but I may get involved again next year as being an active member is a great way to meet new fellow students!

At the start of every academic year, a new board for SPiN (consisting of senior psychology students) is installed to be in charge of the association for one year. The current board asked me to take their formal photos (both group and individual) at the beginning of their board year, and I agreed, pleased to be asked. The photos were taken near city park Valkhof, where the Waalbrug (Nijmegen's trademark bridge) could be seen in the background. I took photos of the board in both their royal blue formal suits and their casual everyday white T's. Although their official installment was already a month ago, I still wish them the very best for their board year - I know you will do great guys!

To the reader: What are your thoughts on these photos & what are you majoring in/want to major in & are you involved in your major's student association? This nosy parker would like to know :-))

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  1. Zulke mooie foto's! Ik wil volgend jaar misschien ook in Nijmegen gaan studeren. X

  2. Oh de foto's zijn echt prachtig!! Echt een stuk mooier dan de gewone "schoolfoto's". Kom je ook bij ons even langs haha?

  3. ziet er heel goed uit en wat een prachtige foto's

  4. Nice photos of your group at SPiN, keep smiling! All the best!


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