Monday, November 28, 2016

HOTSPOT Eastside [Amsterdam]

Eastside Amsterdam had been on my To Visit-list for a while, so when my friend Michelle and I were looking for a place to go for lunch, Eastside was the first to pop up in my mind. When it turned out that it was located nearly right around the corner, the choice was not hard to make. 

This corner-set brunch spot is very light and bright inside, which makes it a pleasant place to eat at (and great for photoshooting! - like these pictures that I took of Michelle while we were there). As space inside is lacking, tables are quite close next to each other, which would be slightly uncomfortable when it's fully packed, but thankfully that wasn't the case for us that day. At Eastside you will find "American comfort food", like pancakes, meatballs, hot wings, BBQ pork spare ribs, tacos and chicken & waffles. I ordered some side dishes to create my own pretty basic meal, including toast, fried eggs, bacon, and sausage - but I guess I'm not used to American food anymore, as it was hard for me to finish it all! Overall, the place itself doesn't look particularly American, but it does look cute indeed. I loved the tiled bar near the kitchen, and the light bulbs hanging from the ceiling over the counter, with in the background a rough wooden shelf packed with bottles of liquor.

While you are reading this blog post, I have arrived in Budapest! Me and my mom are here for a city trip that I surprised her with for her birthday last month, as I knew it was her wish to come to this town one day. I have been in Budapest before, one year earlier to be exact, for an exchange trip of the psychology student association, so I have already seen most of the touristic stuff, plus some local things that the psychology students from Budapest showed to me and the other Dutchies. Nevertheless, it is very nice to come back to Budapest and be able to do other things that were not on the program last year. For example, I hope to visit one of Budapest's thermal baths this time, and as a food lover, I have some particular places to eat in mind that I hope to go to. I remember Budapest being one of the best cities I've ever been to so far, so I can't wait to explore more of this city in the upcoming days!

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  1. Wauw! Wat een geweldige plek! Ziet er fantastisch uit!

  2. Oh waauw! Wat ziet het er daar mooi en gezellig uit. Je hebt echt hele mooie foto's gemaakt!
    Zelf heb ik er nog nooit van gehoord maar ben best vaak te vinden in Amsterdam. Ik wil er zeker eens heen.


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