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Inspiration from the runway: my Fall 2016 RTW favorites

I love looking at runway shows for fashion inspiration! I can get all excited about some shows because sometimes they are so freaking BEAU-TI-FUL! To me, fashion design is a dynamic form of art that can easily be made one's own: fashion shows are not just for aesthetic appreciation, but for your own style inspiration as well! Sometimes I wish people would dress a little more like mannequins, because I consider it a shame that catwalk looks are often limited to the catwalk only. Clothing in mainstream stores that are based on runway trends, are only a pale shadow of the actual runway trends - but high fashion should not only be for the famous and rich, it should be for everyone!

You may notice, that my favorite runway pieces are often the most outstanding or extraordinary ones, though they're still very wearable. After looking over a lot of Fall 2016 ready-to-wear fashion shows, I picked my favorite shows and pieces, and put them together below (together with some commentary). 

Gucci's show is my absolute favorite this season. And I think Gucci was one of my favorites for Spring 2016 too. I could do no else than conclude that Gucci's creative director Alessandro Michele is pretty much a fashion genius. His show was the most exciting one of all to me this season, as every other look was everything I expect from a sophisticated fashion show look. There are interesting combinations, many accessories, and striking prints and fabrics. I love the one-color looks, the huge (sun)glasses, the hats, the fur, the baroque prints, the bows, the pearl necklaces, the midi skirts, the layering, the purses. These looks are extraordinary but not unrealistic nor messy, so they must be thought-through and clever overall. My favorites here? It's hard to choose, but number 4, 7 and 20 are making a good chance.

Anna Sui
Many of Anna Sui's looks are focused on one color, yet they're not boring at all: by combining different shades of a color into an interesting print, doing a lot of layering and combining different fabrics (velvet, fur, lace), Anna Sui has created the most beautiful looks! I like how all these different prints and fabrics, yet with a focus on a single color, are not overwhelming or too messy, nor are they boring together. In the first row we see a focus on red, with a lot of flower details, while in the second the focus shifts to blue. My favorite looks are less focused on one color, as can be seen in the last row. Those looks remind me of past ages and other cultures and ethnicities, something I can much appreciate in fashion design. And: who else was reminded of Luna Lovegood when looking at look #14?!

Alexander McQueen
Sarah Burton's collection for Alexander McQueen was very dreamy, very feminine, very romantic. I love the transparent fabrics, the lace, the embroidered and shiny details, the gold and the silver, the soft pink, the white, the black. Some looks reminded me of a Greek goddess or a Roman empress, classically both beautiful and fierce. This collection brought women back to basic: as pure but powerful creatures, independent but influential. Even though this is beautiful and amazing to look at, I must say that this collection may be not so very ready-to-wear, but even so we are very much reminded that transparent fabric should not be under appreciated, and also of the power of details. What's even more beautiful than Alexander McQueen's runway show, is the Fall 2016 campaign - you want to see this.

Much love for Rochas' colorful high-socks-in-platform-heels here! And who new gold and glittery/flowery sequin would look so good on a button-down shirt? Rochas did. To the question: "What would geeks in the 70s look like if they went to a party?", the second row would be very much your answer. The first row, on the other hand, made me think of a "big city movie theater night out" somehow, reminding me that even a casual event like going to the movies can be easily done in style. This collection is a mix of peach, greens, silk, sequin, gold, glitter, velvet, flowers, collars and tiny sunglasses - elements that could go horribly wrong together, but here it was done beautifully right.

Who needs pants when all you need is a pair of thigh-high boots to cover up your legs? Not Fendi! Fendi's Fall RTW collection is fluffy, girly, and a whole lot of fun. A peach ruffled (or rather "waves", according to Karl Lagerfeld himself) T-shirt tucked away in puffy pants, a loosely fitting dress printed with horizontal stripes, a furry big turquoise bag - they're just a few of my favorite picks. Overall, this collection by Fendi gave me some new color combi inspiration: purple and green/orange, anyone?

Dolce & Gabbana
Once upon a time, there was the Fall 2016 RTW collection by Dolce & Gabbana.....D&G takes you right back to Wonderland this season. And that is exactly the purpose of Mr. Dolce and Mr. Gabbana: fashion as a way to dream, to escape from reality. If that concept of fashion brings them to design a collection like theirs, that's fine by me! Look how much fun this collection is! And fun is something that is much appreciated by me in fashion design - because fun is all that fashion should be. This collection, as could be expected from any fairytale-inspired collection, is very girly and glittery, yet not too childish. Even though colorful and outstanding, these looks are quite simplistic, and it seems as if they have focused mostly on the accessories when it comes to details - especially shoes, bags and head pieces. A well-needed finishing touch.

Michael Kors
Michael Kors' Fall 2016 collection is just gorgeous. These looks reminded me of a typical rich fashion victim, whom all are impressed by when she walks by: big fur coat, matching coat and skirt, huge sunglasses, loafers, Peter Pan collar, and slightly preppy perhaps - but it's all done the right way. Almost too perfect, one might say. Maybe it is, and maybe these mannequins represent women that we view as perfect, successful, influential and powerful - a girlboss on top of her career. A woman wearing these clothes may be far from this imagined representation, but maybe Dolce and Gabbana were right: fashion is meant to make people dream - something that Michael Kors achieved with his collection at least.

Compared to other fashion designers, Vetements is something else. Not only when it comes to Demna Gvasalia's designs, but also to the way he launches his designs: for one, he does mixed collections, two, he does in-season shows to avoid "product fatigue" and copycats, and three, this show took place in a church while there were T-shirt with very un-church-ish words printed on them in the collection. No wonder all eyes are on Vetements. In the Fall 2016 collection we see thigh-high socks and boots, velvet suits, plaid, mini skirts and oversized striped shirts. Street-style inspired, this collection is tough, grunge, stylish, refreshing, rebellious and pretty much just cool. I'm not so fond of the sportswear trend that we're seeing a lot lately, and even though I left those looks out here, I want to note that Vetements embraced it - and it does suit the brand perfectly well.

Jeremy Scott
Jeremy Scott's collection is pretty much exactly what one would expect from a collection by Jeremy Scott - and let's be thankful that there's someone like Jeremy Scott in the fashion world! Even though his designs are usually the most colorful, most fun, most playful of all, they may also be the most wearable! Rain boots under a mini skirt? I'd wear it. Fishnet tights in a pair of rain boots? Sure, why not? Cow printed denim? Love it! Woolen off-shoulder jumper on a halter neck top, together with a mini skirt and a big belt? Hell, yes!! And the last look showed above: fantastic!! Jeremy Scott's designs are simplistic, yet they come closest to what I had imagined what fashion was like when I was little. It may be not as complicated as some other fashion designers' work, but does fashion always have to be? Jeremy Scott proves...complicatedness is no guarantee for amazing results.

Could Chanel ever disappoint? Not in this collection at least. What's to be said about this collection then? It was all very Chanel-ish: many tweed suits, many pearl necklaces, and camellia flower print. But also the boater-bucket hats, the riding boots, wide-leg trousers, lovely gloves. Gold, black, white, red and pink. Leather and denim. Chanel is and will remain classic and timeless forever. And this collection speaks for itself.

While D&G takes you to Wonderland, Marchesa brings Wonderland to you. These dream dresses are the real fairytale. These dresses were made for women who are powerful, intelligent, independent, and pure. They are made for queens, not for princesses who only dwell on their dreams. I find these dresses so utterly beautiful, that I feel that it costs more than just money to be worth a dress like these, while at the same time I do believe that to wear one of these dresses would be enough to make you worthy for it. Look at those dresses! The details! The craftsmanship! The elegance! They are so perfect that I can't think of a proper occasion in which these dresses would be appropriate, while at the same time I wish that these dresses wouldn't be considered evening gowns only.

Saint Laurent
Saint Laurent's collection is completely different from what we've seen so far this season, and although it is quite simplistic, I must say: it works! It was a lot of 80s style - glamorous rock 'n roll. We see leather jackets, shimmery stiletto pumps, puffed skirts, big belts around the middle, heavy make-up, a tulle collar, perfectly fitting clothes, and of course the huge fur coat. Saint Laurent showed what the most popular girl looks like (and what everyone wants to look like) at a high class night club party. 

Heavily printed, tapestry-ish maxi skirts, together with a woolen cardigan, huge waist belt and lace collar: this is the fashion-goes-housewife look, and it's way better than imagined! And why not add some denim in there too? These looks look like a combination of clothes-found-in-the-attic - and I love it! MiuMiu shows us what fashion is really about: putting random pieces together into your  own and most favorite combination, making your own creation by layering, trying out new combinations, DARING, and feeling confident with the result. A friendly reminder by MiuMiu. 

What's most prominent in almost every look in this collection, are the Harlequin tights. While I still associated those with my kindergarten years, it appears, according to Mrs. Prada, that those tights go literally with everything. Baroque printed dresses, large leather coats with fur edges, pastel yellow and mint colored see-through dresses with puff sleeves and a Medieval-style waist belt, a velvet dress with matching Harlequin gloves. These are surely extraordinary combinations, but interesting ones as well, and sometimes interesting combinations are pleasant ones without knowing for sure why. This may well be the case here: these women look tough but knowledgeable, and yet peculiar, all in once.

These pieces from Kenzo's collection are modern, futuristic almost, and yet they sneak in as if we never knew anything else (except for the hairdo's - those could be well from the 80s). Kenzo knows how to make neon tiger striped boots and funky purple velvet pants look surprisingly casual - and they make it seem as if making perfect color combinations, and mixing up different patterns and fabrics, is so easily done. The looks above have a certain coolness, in a fresh-young-people-next-generation kind of way - it's much different from what I'm usually into, but in a right way. 

These looks by Balmain are what I'd want to wear if I feel like "I can take on the world today!" The metallic suits look like costumes from your typical space-movie - only more feminine, more ladylike, and more fashionable. These suits are ready-to-go suits for power-business-women, the kind that you can slip on in the morning and all skills you need that day come with it. A suit that will inject your daily dose of confidence. Besides these metallic suits, we see large waist belts, thigh-high suede boots, rococo details, ruffles and statement chokers: details that are responsible for the feminine touch.

A loosely fitting ochre yellow velvet turtleneck maxi dress - a transparent turtleneck dress printed with shimmery clouds, tight at the top and loose at the bottom - a nude colored tightly fitting turtleneck with a yellow golden velvet spaghetti strapped dress slipped over it........and in the end, a beautiful gypsy-style transparent dress........I could no else but love the Valentino Fall 2016 show. These looks are so incredibly elegant, yet so simple, and therefore, they are brilliant. Sometimes the combination of color, fabric, and the way it moves when it's being worn, is enough for a piece of clothing to be great all on its own. And Valentino has mastered this.

Alberta Ferretti
Alberta Ferretti makes the elves of the Efteling's "Droomvlucht" come to life - or would these women be what the Greek water nymphs would look like if they would ever wear clothes? Either way, these looks portray women as beautiful, surreal, innocent creatures, created from the soil of Mother Earth herself - and it's a beautiful way to look at women, no matter if it's only a fairytale. I would love to wear a dress by Alberta Ferretti, one that is so beautifully covered with flowers and lace......or the cloak in look #4, and feel like a elf from Middle-Earth - if fashion is meant to make people dream, Alberta Ferretti makes those dreams come true.

Roberto Cavalli
Roberto Cavalli's collection is pretty much early 70s meet Medieval witches, with a touch of grungy least that's all that I could think of - but I love it! Maybe I'm biased because there's a lot of purple over here and purple is my favorite color, but anyhow: look at the beautiful velvet cape with detailed embroidery, the small but long scarves, the ankle long coat and cardigan, the matching golden jacket and pants....the longer I look at it, the better it gets! We usually see 70s style during the Spring season, but if it's up to Peter Dundas it's 70s style all year long - and why not? Here's the proof 70s does great in autumn, too!

Gareth Pugh & Oscar de la Renta
Last two designers: a couple of pieces from Gareth Pugh and some from Oscar de la Renta, that I could not leave out of this post. Oscar de la Renta's pieces (last three) sum up some of the most prominent trends this season in three casual looks: baroque, fur, silk, turtlenecks, a waist belt, long gloves - while at the same time, it is kept simple and classy. Great examples of how the trends go together perfectly well. But more exciting is Gareth Pugh's collection (first three): WOW! Gareth Pugh didn't just subtly refer to the 80s with his collection, but his collection is straight-up 80s power dressing overall - and it's amazing. These looks are fierce, dramatic, and flawless. The proof that not much color is needed to hugely impress!

In the past couple of days not many posts were published by me, and there's one phrase that will cover all that could be explained to it: I would rather not post than post something that I do not fully support. And this may be the case when I don't have enough time to put into writing new content - so then I will not publish it, rather than writing it in a hurry to get it finished in time.
Sometimes I take a terribly long time to get a post finished - like this post, for example. I'm a perfectionist, and although I do not over-think the literal words that I write too much, for a post like this I like to do my research well, because I don't like to write about anything that I do not know anything about. You may imagine that this is a time-consuming characteristic. Thank god I eliminated many fashion shows that I liked only slightly less than the ones featured in this post! I will certainly put on my "good intentions"-list for 2017 that I should try to be more efficient in writing blog posts, but again: I would rather not post than post something that I do not fully support......which might well be the case when I work faster, though producing less convenient results.

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