Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 in Instagram photos

I love to see my Instagram account as my personal archive of memories - and by going through my own feed, I come across some of the best memories that I have made this past year. On the latest day of the year I would like to talk about the past twelve months and all the things that made them unforgettable. My Instagram photos sum these up perfectly, and they remind me of how 2016 was a great year: this blog name was changed into The Blog Editor, me and Mitchell moved in together, I completed my foundation year at University, I visited Copenhagen, London, Hong Kong, Curacao, Thailand and Budapest, I became the editor-in-chief of, and I quit alcohol entirely. 

In January this year, I was still in the middle of the psychology foundation year at University, and this month contained a lot of exams, deadlines and studying. I did go to a cabaret performance by Najib Amhali and spent a lot of time with family and friends. Another notable event was that Caroline, a late-joiner at our sorority/fraternity, became the eleventh member of our year club (photo #1)

Every February, Carnival takes place. One day I participated in a parade with Mitchell and his friends (photo #2) and another day I spent in Cuijk to celebrate Carnival there with my year club. After Carnival, I went to Copenhagen for a city trip with the association for psychology students (photo #3). A week later, we had a family of Syrian refugees over for dinner and learned more about their culture and habits. I also spent a day at a wellness center, had visitors from Budapest for their exchange trip after we had been there a couple of months earlier, and visited the ballet show 'Mata Hari'.

March started with a formal dance at my sorority/fraternity for first years (photo #4 and photo #5). A few days later, it was my birthday and I turned 19 years old. I celebrated my birthday with some friends (photo #6). A week later, me and my year club prepared a dinner night for other members at the 'club house' - every course out of 3 was Spanish and started with a Q, just like our year club name 'Querencia'. Later that week my sister and I went to a lecture by famous philosopher Daniel Dennett, I held a girls night with some friends and went to a classic concert called 'Mattheus Passion'. I also made a city trip to London together with Mitchell and another couple (photo #7 and photo #8). Furthermore, me and my year club threw a party at the sorority/fraternity's club house with a 'Seven Sins' theme (photo #9), me and Mitchell and two other couples visited Antwerp together (where one of the girls had moved for college) (photo #10), I prepared an Easter lunch for my family, and I went to Amsterdam together with my year club to meet up with a group from another sorority/fraternity. 

In April me, Janne and Tess went to a the 1975 concert, me, Janne and some other friends went out in Utrecht as a going away-party before Janne left for her trip to the USA, my cousin visited me in my apartment (photo #11), my year club and me participated in the sorority/fraternity's volleyball tournament (but we sucked) (photo #12) and we went to an intern ladies night (photo #13 and #photo 14). Later that month, I went to a formal dance from my former high school together with some high school friends (photo #15) and I took my mom to the sorority/fraternity's 'parents' day' to show her around. In April this year me and Mitchell were together for 1 year so we spent a day in Amsterdam (photo #16) and another in Utrecht to celebrate it. 

In May I went to Hong Kong for 10 full days on a study trip with the association for psychology students. I was in the committee to organize the whole trip so me and the other members had been working on all the preparations for months before we finally took off (photo #17, #18, #19, #20, #21, #22, #23, #24, #25, #26). Immediately when I got back, my sorority/fraternity celebrated its 26th Dies (birthday) for a whole week, beginning with an opening party (photo #27 and photo #28), an open party for all students in Nijmegen (photo #30), and ending with a huge formal dance held in a castle (photo #31 and photo #32). In the middle of that week, Mitchell turned 21 and I threw him a 21-Dinner with the help of my amazing friends (photo #29). I also attended a live broadcast of RTL Late Night with Michelle, after we went to the Amsterdam Skylounge (photo #33). At the end of the month, I got to take photos and my sorority/fraternity's 'Croquet & Croquettes'-tournament for which a chic look was desired (photo #34) and I went to see the musical 'Soldaat van Oranje' for a second time for Eva's birthday.

In June Eva graduated from high school so we celebrated that in town (photo #35). I went to Pinkpop Festival (photo #36, #37 and #38), got a cacti obsession (photo #39), and listened to Rihanna's new album ANTI for days on repeat (photo #40). Me and Faye went to the Rihanna concert in Amsterdam (photo #43 and photo #44) after spending a day in the city (photo #41 and photo #42) and going to an exhibition of Jimmy Nelson's 'Before They Pass Away'. Me and Janne visited Philipse Koffie & Brocante in Nijmegen (photo #45) and we went to Amsterdam (photo #46) were we visited the Stedelijk Museum (photo #47). Anne visited me in Nijmegen (photo #48 and photo #49) and me and Mitchell drank tea with a befriended couple (photo #50).

In July, me and Mitchell got the keys for our new apartment (photo #56 and photo #57). I went to McDonalds a lot this year (photo #51), I went to one of the last greatest parties at the sorority/fraternity (photo #52Manou and I went to Amsterdam to visit the Moco Museum (photo #53), I went to Pitch Festival with Michelle (photo #54), and to By The Creek Festival with Lies (photo #55). I went to Curacao with my family for a week (photo #58 and photo #59) and partied at the famous 'Vierdaagsefeesten' in my city Nijmegen (photo #60 and photo #61). Then me and Mitchell left for a 3-weeks backpack trip in Thailand (photo #62, #63, #64, #65, #66, #67, #68, #69). 

In August I was a guide for a group of new psychology students during their orientation week together with Freya (photo #70 and photo #71). My mom and I went to Amsterdam to see the Helmut Newton exhibition at Foam (photo #72), do some shopping (photo #73) and have a high tea at Bridges. Janne and I had a delicious and healthy smoothie at the Vitamin store in Nijmegen (photo #74). Me and my year club went to Amsterdam for our first year club weekend (photo #75, #76, #77 #78). And most importantly: in this month blog name got changed from Chapter75 to The Blog Editor!

Me and Janne went to the Lollapalooza Festival in Berlin (photo #79 and photo #80) and spent some days in Berlin as well (photo #81). I had a BBQ dinner at the Waal beach together with my year club (photo #82), our car broke down when Lies and I were driving to Janne's birthday party (photo #83) and me and my mom had lunch at Bairro Alto (photo #84). This month as well: I received my foundation year certificate, I became the editor-in-chief of (a platform for students in Nijmegen), I became the babysitter of a new family (photo #90) and I quit drinking alcohol completely.

In October my friends came over for my housewarming party. I attended two day courses, one for travel journalism and one for travel photography. Michelle, Manou and I went to an Amsterdam Dance Event party (photo #85), I had lunch with Merle (photo #86) and had a shopping day in Amsterdam together with Michelle and Manou (photo #87). I liked this box of popcorn a lot (photo #88), I rediscovered make-up after a long time (photo #89) and I went to a Halloween houseparty dressed up as my hero Harry Potter (photo #91).

In this month, Trump became president, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them came out, I had a Bal Masque party at the sorority/fraternity club house (photo #92 and photo #93) and had a girls' night with my year club (photo #94). I also went to Budapest for my mum's birthday for 5 days (photo #95, #96, #97, #98, #99, #100, #101 and #102).

Me and Janne went on a mini cruise daytrip to Newcastle, me and my year club celebrated Eva's 21th birthday at her 21-Dinner (photo #103, #104, and #105) and we had an early Christmas dinner (photo #106 and photo #107). I went to the rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar and celebrated Christmas with my family by having brunch and dinner. Yesterday me and Mitchell had dinner in Amsterdam and today we're celebrating New Year's Eve with a befriended couple here in Amsterdam.

And in between everything mentioned above, I went out for lunch and dinner quite often, went to the movie theater a couple of times, did some studying for school, spent time with family and friends, and did a lot of blogging: 123 posts were published this year!

So without truly realizing it when it happened, 2016 meant a lot of exciting events and a lot of changes. I may only hope that 2017 will be at least just as good as 2016 has been to me!

Have a great New Year's Eve! ☆☆☆

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  1. Wat onwijs leuk en wat een gezelligheid is er te zien op de foto's! Liefs.x

  2. Wauw, je hebt echt veel toffe dingen gedaan dit jaar! Hopelijk wordt 2017 weer zo leuk voor je :) have fun tonight! x

  3. oh wat heb je dit leuk gedaan, je hebt een mooi jaar gehad! nu op een knallend 2017 X liefs

  4. Waauw! Wat een topjaar! Laat ons hopen dat 2017 ook zo word ;)

  5. Wauw, wat een hoop leuke en gezellige foto's! Ik hoop dat 2017 ook weer zo gezellig word voor je.

  6. Wat een leuk gezellig overzicht!

  7. Wat een leuke en mooie foto's! Leuk om te zien xx


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