Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Art on the Blog: Stedelijk Museum

The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam is my new happy place! This museum holds temporary exhibitions that show exciting artwork and design, both modern and contemporary. Being in this place is pretty much immersing yourself in the wonderful world of mesmerizing psychedelic and artistic vibes, and escaping from the frightening dimension that's called reality.

I love art for the sake of art - whatever the true purpose of a specific piece of art, I like the idea of it being purposeless - or at least purposeless for our society or any practical use at all - and it being solely there as material for our imagination to create a story, or for the admirer to experience certain feelings, or for admiration alone. Most importantly: I like art (and this is for any form of art) because the question as to what it's for is out of place, as art is there for art itself, because there are people who enjoy art solely for its aesthetic value.

Exhibition: Avery Singer - Scenes

Exhibition: Jon Rafman: I have ten thousand compound eyes and each is named suffering

Explanations for the artwork here I find largely inappropriate, as those are only fun when looking back at it, not when seeing it for the first time - the real joy is in letting your own imagination at work when admiring the artworks, so revealing the meaning of the artwork as meant by the artist beforehand, is much like knowing the end of a novel before reading it.

My first time at the Stedelijk Museum was a couple of months ago, and this is when these pictures were taken - so the current exhibitions are most likely different from the ones seen in this post. I hope to visit the Stedelijk Museum again anytime soon, and theoretically spoken, I could, guarded with my annual pass for many Dutch museums, visit the Stedelijk every day, if only I would live a little bit closer to our capital city! 

Pictures with me in it are taken by Janne, who introduced me to the Stedelijk and whom I am therefore forever thankful.

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  1. Wat een coole museum! En je haar is vet mooi. X

  2. yay love het stedelijk museum! laat maar weten als je nog eens wil gaan, ben er al even niet meer geweest :)

  3. Love your layout! And THE NEON SIGNS OMG they're really cool

    XXX cato from hellotwigs.blogspot.be

  4. Wow, so interesting. I've never been there, so during the next visit in Amsterdam I have to check this place out ;D
    But I have to say that I don't like the second painting, art is art but it looks like just kids art.
    Also yellow-red squares are not so artistic too for me :P


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