Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Brunch 2016

Happy Christmas everyone!

This morning I woke up pretty early as I felt very ambitious to make this Christmas brunch for two work. I'm not exactly bad at cooking, though it's always challenging each time I try something new. Thankfully I got some help from Mitchell today so at least we didn't starve.

What we had for brunch & how to make it yourself:

Cinnamon rolls 
I got the recipe from Roos's blog, but I left the pieces of apple out and used chocolate (cheap ass chocolate bar chopped in lil pieces) and coconut flakes instead.

I think I left the rolls in the oven for too long, but I saved them in time from turning all black. So as a result the rolls got pretty hard and I didn't like them so much for it, but Mitchell thought they were good because they were "crunchy, much like a cookie".

Deviled eggs
I'm very much into eggs for food and deviled eggs may be my favorite type (no close up photos, bc even though they taste good, it looks disgusting in photos). For Christmas I liked to do something extra, so I added smashed avocado and truffle mayonnaise to my common recipe: After boiling eggs, let them cool in cold water before peeling. Slice eggs vertically and get yolk out. Put the yolk of all of your eggs in a bowl together. Add regular mayonnaise, salt and pepper. Add these ingredients as preferred. Put this mixture back in the egg. Then make yourself some bacon bc you deserve it.

Quark bowl
Put some jelly to cover the bottom of a glass. Add a layer of quark. Add a layer of muesli, and not, like me, forget this layer. Add another layer of quark. Add fruits, I used bananas and blueberries.

Sea salt & caramel hot chocolate
I got this recipe from Proper Tasty and it's basically just warm milk with chocolate, a tablespoon full of caramel, and a tiny bit of sea salt.

All these things are quite simple, though it took me a great part of my morning to get it all finished. For special occasions I can enjoy cooking a lot, although it gets me very stressed when I need to get several dishes finished by the same time, but I hate that I'm not at all creative when it comes to food! Due to a lack of knowledge about ingredients, food preparations, sauces and spices, I often have completely no inspiration to make up an entirely new dish - nor do I have the patient to make some things myself. Call me lazy, but I prefer canned soup over spending three hours making a homemade version.

Even though me and my kitchen are having a complicated relationship, food is an important part of my life, and I must admit that a lot of it evolves around consuming food. So naturally I hope to learn more on how to prepare delicious things and maybe some day I will get a grip on how Jamie Oliver and colleagues are able to think of new and incredible meals in a second - right now I'm pretty sure it's magic.

Anyhow, we enjoyed our little brunch together before heading to Mitchell's parents to celebrate Christmas there. Tomorrow we will spend Boxing Day at my parents', and here my cooking skills will once again be tested: my mom and I are preparing a small dinner, and let's admit that we both won't know what the heck we're doing. Looking forward to it.

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  1. Ik keek gisteren juist een aflevering van Gilmore Girls over deviled eggs, haha. Moest er even aandenken, maar wat ziet dit er goed uit!


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