Thursday, December 22, 2016

L00K: my long-lost dress

If you read my blogpost about my friend Eva's 21-Dinner party, you might have spotted me wearing this little black dress with yellow flower print - and perhaps not, as it was quite hidden away behind my lovely friends in all the group pictures. However, Eva's birthday party was not the only occasion for which I pulled on this dress - Honestly, I've been wearing this dress to almost every occasion a couple of days in a row! That works out perfectly well, as this dress is not only très chic, it's very comfortable as well - it would be the comfiest dress on earth if only it had been a little bit closer to my knees. To think that I could have begun to enjoy the pleasure of wearing this dress years ago! It was indeed some years ago, maybe three years or so, when I discovered it in an online webshop, and ordered it with immediate haste. Only afterwards it came across my mind that this long-sleeved dress might be unsuitable for the summer season that was coming up, so as the dress was delivered to my house, it disappeared in the back of my closet. Quite understandably, after those long and sultry summer days, I must have forgotten about the dress and it's entire existence. In the years after this dreary event, I had graduated and moved out my parental house, leaving behind a lot except for my most important belongings. It was only recently, when I was back at my parents' house to go through the shitload of stuff that I own, when this dress crossed my path again. As soon as I touched its fabric and saw it's painted-like print, everything came back to me: I immediately recalled it to be the very dress that I stupidly ordered in the wrong season, and that was never worn ever since. Poor little dress! What else could I do but give it a proper life after all? 

To be honest it felt as if I got a brand new dress for free, even though I paid for it some years ago. And it reappeared at the exact moment that it was needed. My old dresses had abandoned me because of widened hips and fattened thighs (damned puberty!) and after my teenage obsession with dresses, I had not worn nor bought so many dresses for a long time. Not only had a renewed interest in dresses grown in me, it was also that time of the year were the last months are dreading near, which are always full of dressy occasions - so this dress has saved my butt for a couple of times already.

Anyhow, one of the occasions for which I wore this dress was a daytrip to Newcastle together with Janne, who took the pictures in this post while we were there. I hope to share more about our Newcastle-trip here on the blog later this week.

A while ago I wrote that I dyed my hair one shade darker to get rid of the lighter ends, but now that I look at these pictures I notice that my plan has not completely succeeded (I didn't notice this before because I'm too short for our bathroom mirror to see the ends of my hair entirely), although it is surely a whole lot better than it was before. I shouldn't complain though, my hair has been doing a whole lot better lately than a couple of years ago, when it was simply impossible to tame - disastrous!

Let me hear your thoughts: What do you think of this look? ☺

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  1. Je hebt echt mooi haar trouwens en de kleur is ook top zo. Fijne look!

  2. Jaa dit jurkje is zo mooi! En nu valt het me inderdaad ook op van je haar, maar ook leuk zo :)

  3. Wauw wat een prachtig jurkje! Staat je ook heel mooi!

  4. You look amazing!

    Have lovely holidays!


  5. Super mooi jurkje! Ik vind je haar ook erg leuk zo :) X


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