Friday, December 16, 2016

L00K: ochre yellow sweater

Hellloooo to you! What do you think of this yellow sweater? It's super comfy too! I got it a couple of weeks ago during a shopping day in Amsterdam and I'm glad I took this one home! Funny thing is that I actually copycatted the sweater from my cousin - a couple of weeks before, she walked in wearing this exact yellow sweater when we met, and I thought it looked really good on her and I was reminded that our skin color and hair go very well with ochre yellow clothes. So when I was at the Monki store in Amsterdam, I caught the same sweater hanging there, and recognized it immediately as my cousin's (and I was quite sure it must be the same as I know she buys at Monki regularly herself). I tried it on just to see, even though I already kind of knew what it would look like on me as my appearance resembles my cousin's quite a bit. 

I combined the sweater with golden accessories, black dotted tights and brown gleaming heeled brogues. It's all pretty casual yet not too boring so I like to wear this to occasions where I feel that showing up too overdressed is inappropriate.

Although this look is still very autumn-ish, winter is getting closer and I am very aware of that! The approach of winter is always a hectic time, with Christmas dinners and celebrations, gift shopping and other end-of-the-year preparations...I love it all a lot but I'm already tired as heck! I'm looking forward to a calm and quiet Christmas break (with the exception of the actual holidays), so I can catch up with stuff and hopefully feel re-energized for the new year. Usually I don't attach much value to the onset of a new year, as it often does not differ from the old (the start of a new academic year feels much more like a new start to me), but this year I feel much more as if we're approaching the start of something new. Maybe that's because there are many things I want to do & accomplish in 2017. But first, let's wrap this year up ♥

Thanks to my mom once again for taking the pictures ♥♥

Let me know your thoughts on this look in a comment! :-)

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  1. Ik love je stijl! Een hele mooie trui! Lijkt me erg fiiijn. <3

  2. Wat een gave trui, gave outfit en wat ben jij toch een mooie meid! Malou x

  3. oeee de kleur staat je echt super en volgens mij is ie heerlijk!

  4. Wow wat een prachtige kleur, die je ook nog eens heel goed staat! Leuke panty ook :)

  5. Leuke outfit! De kleur okergeel staat je super :).

  6. Supermooie kleur! die panty is er ook leuk bij :)


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