Friday, December 2, 2016

L00K: that silver skirt though

Wow - I think I might have found myself a new favorite look! I love this silver plissé skirt! I came across it when me and my friends Manou and Michelle were in Amsterdam for a shopping day, and I immediately knew I got to have it! I also knew that I wanted to combine it with a pair of velvet shoes, preferably pink, and luckily I happened to find a pair in my sister's closet. For this look I added a plain white T, a beaded clutch, my DW watch, some bracelets, my little moon earrings and a small silver cross necklace, and ready to go I was!

At that shopping day in Amsterdam that I had with Manou and Michelle, a NYX Cosmetics store had just opened, and of course Michelle, who is a huge beauty-lover, had to go in. As for the opening some supposed well-known beauty vloggers were present (we didn't recognize them though), the store was packed with people. Michelle really wanted to look at a particular piece of lip cosmetics, that of course happened to be the most popular piece in the entire store, so it was really hard to get near it. Manou and I (both not very much into beauty, or at least we are not as knowledgeable as Michelle is) decided to claim the spot in the very corner of the store, right next to the end of the lipstick section, to avoid being squeezed to death by the crowd of mad cosmetic loving girls. From the side we had a good view on the lipstick section, and Manou started very expertly to smear different colors of lipstick on her hand to see what it would look like and compare the colors to each other. There was one particular red lipstick that was considerably more beautiful than all the others, and I applied that particular color to my own lips, to which Manou simply said: "I'm going to buy that." I looked in the mirror, and agreed: "I'm going to buy this as well." So we both grabbed a lipstick of that color, called 'Alabama', and then we just stood in that corner of the store with our new lipsticks firmly in our hands, for a few more minutes until Michelle got done trying on different types of lipgloss that were supposed to make your lips look more botoxed without the botox. Relevance of the story: that's how I got the Alabama Matte Lipstick by NYX, and that's the very lipstick I am wearing in these pictures.

I love to wear my new tartan and pink winter coat on this look, like I did the other day, as can be seen in the picture below (now wearing black ankle boots and sunglasses instead). In this picture you can also have a first look at my freshly cut and dyed hairdo - though not much has changed: it was cut only 5 centimeters shorter (I am very attached to my long hair), and it was dyed only one shade darker than my natural hair, mainly because I wanted my hair to be more uniformly colored (instead of having the lighter parts at the ends, which made it look as if I had a very unsuccessful dip-dye hairdo - I only realized this when I had posted this look to my blog, and one of my friends texted me if I had dyed my hair, as the ends looked very close to blonde!)

Thanks again to my mom/best friend for taking the pictures!

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  1. Wauw mooie foto's! Gave rok :)

  2. OMGG skirtt ☻ ♥

  3. Dit is zo´n gave outfit! Ik vind je rok in combinatie met de hakken echt geweldig, helemaal met een plain white tee! Malou x

  4. Oh wat een gave rok! En zo simpel gecombineerd waardoor de rok nog meer naar voren komt!

  5. ooh wat is die mooooi! Staat je ook zo leuk!

  6. Ahh, wat een toffe rok zeg, staat je super! :)



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