Wednesday, January 25, 2017

L00K: Dem booooots doe

HEY GUYS. I'm sure you've all been bombarded with over the knee boots lately. Here I am! Those boots are friggin amazing though. They are the most covering yet the sexiest boots around. Isn't that fantastic? 

The shirt is my boyfriend's. Being in a relationship basically means having two wardrobes (it's the sole reason I agreed to be in this relationship). His shirt is almost like a dress to me - almost, too short to be actually like one. Solved this problem by wearing a short black skirt underneath it. I like to wear his sweaters a lot, too. I've never really been into sweaters from the girl's section, so I don't own any. But as you might have noticed, it is kinda cold lately. Sweaters must be worn. So now I share Mitchell's sweaters with him. His words, seriously. I couldn't make them my property (yet).

I bought the coat last Spring, but didn't wear it much back then, even though that coat is much more appropriate for Spring than it is for the current season. It is kinda cold, honestly. But it is just as fine as an actual winter coat when wearing a thick cardigan underneath it. So I've been wearing it quite regularly lately. 

These pictures are taken by Janne when I was visiting here in Amsterdam. We're loving the graffiti street art wall in Amsterdam-North! Will be back in Amsterdam this weekend: I'm going to the Drake concert (if he is not going to cancel it AGAIN) on Saturday, and going there again on Sunday together with my friend Merle, for her belated birthday lunch!

Talk to you later! XO

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  1. Geweldig! Ben dol op deze outfit! Je laarzen zijn super gaaf!

  2. Always fun to wear your boyfriend's clothes! :)
    X Carmen.

  3. Ooh super mooie laarzen! Ik zoek ook nog zo'n schoenen, maar heb tot nu toe nog niet het perfecte paar gevonden :)

  4. Wauw! Wat een super toffe outfit. Je overknee boots zijn ook erg mooi!

  5. Gave outfit! Ik vind het shirt heel tof, en je hebt helemaal gelijk wat betreft twee kledingkasten in een relatie! :)

  6. Super gave outfit, de laarzen zijn prachtig! Vind je foto's ook erg leuk!

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  8. I really love these t-shirt dresses. Soo casual. :)

  9. Heel gave laarzen! Ik heb ook nog lange laarzen liggen maar heb ze al een tijdje niet gedragen, oeps. Zo'n leuke fotolocatie btw! xx

  10. I am so in love with this look babe!
    Have a lovely night!

    Love ArielleDannique


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