Sunday, January 15, 2017



This dress that I'm wearing is a find from a vintage store in Budapest. I took it home as I thought it was quite an extraordinary piece of clothing, something I had never seen before: it's more like a dress-like shirt, that buttons up on the back and has large golden buttons attached to the sleeves, which I like to leave unbuttoned. It reminded me quite a lot of a 18th century men's shirt. So of course I needed this in my closet. I combined it with a pair of large white plateau heels, a set of bracelets, and a golden necklace and earrings. The red lip is beginning to become a part of my body now - there's hardly a day that I am not wearing it. 

The photos were taken in my dad's study (by my personal photographer, a.k.a., my mom). Every single piece of wall in his study is covered by bookcases filled with psychology and philosophy books (my dad has a degree in both) and it has always been quite and interesting place to me (although I wasn't allowed to touch the books when I was younger). I've always been quite a studious girl, especially in HS, so naturally I had expected that I'd love to go to college, but it's all been a bit disappointing to me. Perhaps it's because in college there's so much depth and focus on a single subject, while I'm desperate to learn a little of everything, instead of everything from a little. Or perhaps it's because I feel that I've studied too much and lived too little during my HS years (under the great pressure to perform that I felt), and now I've learned that there's more in life than just getting high grades. Even though I'm still just as eager to learn as ever today, I don't believe school should be the only way to learn and develop yourself.

The library is the place where I can most likely be found in these upcoming days. There are exams coming up that I'll have to take to complete the first semester of this academic year. I expect to enjoy studying once again in the next semester, when psychology stuff (my major) won't be my only topic of study: besides a History minor (about which I spoke in my previous post), I will take sewing classes and a few photography classes as well (Don't get me wrong: Psychology is interesting as fuck, it's just the variety that I'm missing). I'm excited about all and I'm really looking forward to broaden my horizons - and this is all in the context of one of my New Year's goals: "Learn new things." Because studying is actually really cool - at least, gaining knowledge and skills is. Anything to make you less ignorant about this world is. And that's what's really been bothering me about college: by focussing so much on Psychology in the past 1,5 years, my factual knowledge in that field has grown, but the growth of my factual knowledge in all other fields has pretty much stagnated. Of course we're not able to know everything about anything, and in order to be able to put your knowledge into practice, you need to pick one field of study and learn about its depths - but learning about the depths of solely one field has made me feel as if I've grown dumber rather than smarter!  Or maybe I'm just a nerd who needs to shut up.

ARE YOU A NERD LIKE ME? And what do you think about this very white look?

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  1. Wat is dat gaaf! Vind de mouwen van de blouse zo mooi :)

  2. Guuurl, deze foto's <3 love them! En ja, hier ook een nerdje, haha. De studie psychologie lijkt me inderdaad heel interessant, misschien is het ook wel iets voor mij. Zo lastig die keuze.

  3. Toffe foto's! Hele leuke jurk en gave schoentjes. Heeft allemaal een wat vintage look!

  4. I would love to wear this look. It's totally cool! I'm not a big fan of books :D but I love to read online :)

  5. It is always good idea to read some book. You look so pretty in this!


  6. Love your style! These pictures are SO cool, love it.

    X Carmen.

  7. Wat gaaf om in de bieb foto's te maken, ze zijn echt heel tof geworden! Die all-white look staat je echt heel mooi!

  8. Super in love with this amazing shooting. Great location, minimal look and you are gorgeous!! :)

  9. I am in love with your shoes! Also I think it's great how you have a plain white outfit in front of the colored background :)

    xx, rebecca

  10. Wow this background is so fancy! Love it!

    xoxo, Louise from

  11. Not much of a nerd here but i love reading books too. haha! Totally lovin the idea of doing shoot inside the library, it's so out of the box and i love your white outfit too, like seriously! Keep it up! :)


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