Thursday, January 5, 2017


Me and Mitchell spent New Year's Eve with a befriended couple in Amsterdam. You know, another couple from which the girl has been my friend for almost 16 years by now, and from which the guy has known Mitchell for ages from soccer as all four of us are from the same tiny town at 1,5 hour East from the capital. Thank god we all got away from there in time.

Mitchell and I went to Amsterdam on Friday night and had dinner there before heading to Michelle's apartment. The following day Michelle, who more often stands in front of my camera than behind it, was so good to shoot my NYE look and save Mitchell the job. I'm wearing a simple yet festive slip dress in dull gold. I combined the dress with black pumps, classic pearl bracelets, and golden earrings. If you wonder - I like sunglasses as a fashion accessory, not so much for their practical use.

After having gourmet dinner at Michelle's place, we went to see the fireworks show before heading to a club and dance for the rest of the first night of 2017.

Thanks to Michelle for taking the pics! Show her some love on Instagram: @michellesarapeters

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  1. Sounds like you had a great New Years Eve and I adore your look. The dress is so cute and you look great in it!

    shelley xoxo

  2. Prachtige look! Staat je fantastisch! Happy new year ;)

  3. Supermooie look! Staat je echt prachtig! Happy new year :)

  4. Mooie look en je Oud op Nieuws klinkt gezellig! Liefs.x

  5. Hihi, ik dacht al: huh, waarom die zonnebril, maar hij past er eigenlijk echt goed bij inderdaad! Leuk accesoire :) Liefs!

  6. Wauw wat prachtig meis! Staat je super deze classy look!

  7. Wat een mooie foto's! Erg mooie look, staat je tof.

  8. Ahh, mooie outfit! Het jurkje staat je echt supergoed! :)

    xx Alex


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