Sunday, January 22, 2017

ROOM TOUR: Noa's place

As you could read in my previous post, Noa is my friend who has moved to our neighboring country to study Photography. Me and Noa know each other from high school, and we became friends in 10th grade when we were assigned to the same mentor class. Noa has always been my most creative friend who always had a large interest in photography, so it was no big surprise that it was a photographer that she wanted to become. Eventually she decided that she wanted to go to college in Antwerp, even though that is quite some miles away from our hometown. Luckily another friend of hers made the same decision so now they get to share an apartment together. As I knew Noa has a great taste, I'd expected her own room to be decorated in her own inspiring way, so when I paid her a visit, I grabbed my chance to take some pictures of it. So now let me show you around Noa's room - including some remarks about it by Noa herself.

This is Noa, a pretty and cute girl with curly blonde hair and a pair of round glasses. She has a great unique taste in fashion: everything from a vintage tartan blazer to self-made velvet tops - but that's a story for a different time.

The most eye-catching item in Noa's room is for sure her clothing rack, which literally consists out of a wooden stick and some rope. "Decorating your room doesn't have to be expensive. I made the clothing rack myself and it didn't cost me anything! I found the wooden stick in the woods, got rid of the bark and scoured it a little. Then I plugged two hooks into the ceiling, attached the two pieces of rope to the hooks and tied the ropes to the stick."

Noa's desk (an iron one, contributing to the industrial style of her room) is full of old cans and jars filled with candy. Above her desk, a collection of four black and white photographs are hanging with clips on a piece of rope. "These are photographs by Sebastiao Salgado, a photographer that I admire a lot. Especially since I saw the documentary The Salt of the Earth. I got these pictures in Berlin and they are a great source of inspiration to me."

Going around Noa's room is both interesting and inspirational, as it is filled with objects that each have their own story. There is a beautiful old sewing machine on top of an iron, industrial cabinet. On a shelf of that same cabinet, a small leather suitcase is opened and now filled with clothing. "I found the suitcase in the attic in my parental house. I used to take it with me whenever we went on a holiday when I was younger."

A little bookcase, shaped like a house, is filled with books on photography, analog cameras and other photography attributes. "A lot of the things in my room (picture frames, old cans, vintage cameras, pretty pillows and blankets) I found in thrift shops, in our attic or I got it from my grandparents' house."

Posters decorate the white walls, some of them neatly put in a frame. "Those are posters from photography exhibitions that I've visited and that I was impressed by, like exhibitions of works by Anton Corbijn, Eve Arnold and Alice Springs."

"Even before I moved into my own apartment, I knew that I wanted my bed to be made out of pallets. I got my pallets from someone who was selling them for 5 euros each online! The space between the pallets comes in really handy to keep stuff like books and shoes."

Her room in Antwerp certainly contributes to making her feel at home in this foreign city. "By decorating my room to my own taste, it always feels like coming home here, even though I'm actually in a foreign country and quite far from my family."

Thanks so much Noa! Curious to see some of Noa's photography skills? Check out her Facebook page

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  1. Dat ziet er heel tof uit! Het kledingrek vind ik echt zo ontzettend gaaf. Liefs.x

  2. Such a pretty room, love it! Especially the clothing rack.
    X Carmen.

  3. I love her style! I think I'll ask her advice when I am getting my new place ;) :)

  4. wow your room is so cool! it's goals and so much in my style too, love the wooden idea with the bed! I am currently living at my boyfriends, who only has a tiny window so I massively miss the natural lighting haha!

    shelley xoxo

  5. Wow het bed ziet er echt prachtig uit!

  6. The post is great! Loving your photos:)

  7. Oh wauw! Die pallets met schoenen erin, het kledingrek, de accessoires, alles... wauw! Past wel in mijn straatje hoor :)

  8. Ahh wauw, wat een leuke kamer! Ik ben echt verliefd op de posters aan de muur! En hihi, ik heb zelf ook een stukje plafond met glow-in-the-dark-sterren :)

  9. Heel erg leuk! De poster zijn super tof hihi!


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