Sunday, January 29, 2017

The world is changing

The topic of this blog post was pretty much set, but current events made me change my mind. How am I going to write blog posts about silly things like movies and fashion and places to eat, while there are so many concerns bothering my mind? These silly things are things I enjoy, but how can I go on living a nice and quiet life while there's so much going on in the world – my world – right now?

I was in a complete shock when I learned that climate websites full of scientific research would be taken down. It appeared to me as if a world of lies is being created: when the important information and proofs disappear, soon people will forget and claim much of these things to be untrue. Ignorance is a dangerous thing. It is unbelievable that a man, who has benefitted from this world for seven decades already, supports the destruction of that same world, only to leave it in ruins for his offspring. Perhaps it is all for the money but soon there will be no world to have money on. I was even more shocked because this decree is purely an attack on freedom of speech and freedom of press. As the press is fundamental to a good working democracy, this is an attack on democracy as well. As I'm aspiring a career as a journalist, it especially hurt me to learn that journalists and other writers are being shut up and told they lack integrity and intelligence by a man who is supposed to be the wisest of all. To me this was a proof that this man is dangerous.

I was worried to hear that organizations that provide abortion and sex education in other countries (that need it) will no longer be subsidized by the United States government. The discussion about abortion is endless, and it all comes down to when you believe that a bunch of cells can be called human. In my opinion, these (early) cells are the seeds of a gardener and the gardener should be able to decide if he will water them and make them grow into a plant or not. On the other hand: if scientific progress would not have allowed abortion to be possible, we would not have a discussion but instead focus on pregnancy prevention and not pregnancy interruption, and we may have worked it all out just the same. I'm not worried for the women in western countries, because if they would not be allowed to have an abortion (which is nevertheless ridiculous) chances would be that the child won’t grow up in extreme poverty. In other countries (the same ones in which abortion is provided by the NGOs mentioned before) some women do not even realize the relationship between sex and pregnancy until it is too late! If they continue the pregnancy, both woman and child (and probably any further offspring) will loose many of their chances and continue to live in poverty. The world population is increasing, and if there are going to be more people on this planet, let those people be born in circumstances that will give them a chance at least. Even though you may not notice much of it, America knows a lot more about sex and pregnancy than people in these developmental countries do. At least America knows how to deal with it. A country like America that has the knowledge and the resources should help other countries who don’t, and prevent them from going any worse.

I got upset when I heard that Islamic people are banned from entering the United States. Our own royal flight company had to turn away Muslim passengers even though they had a plain ticket to the United States. They had little choice: if they would take these passengers, they would most certainly be stopped and be stuck at an US airport. This is the first obvious proof that this all is already affecting us. The people from the countries that are especially disadvantaged are so solely because of pure discrimination. This is pure and only human right violation! Other countries, European in particular, disapprove of the acts carried out by the mightiest man in the world. They express their disapproval but they don't show it and they let their fellow countries be discriminated. How will the discriminated and disadvantaged countries feel? They surely will be angry. I'm scared to see how these countries will express their anger. I'm sure some of these countries have terrible weapons to use, and if not there will be someone happy to provide these in exchange for a whole lot of money. In the end that's what makes the world go round. I'm terribly afraid that a new world war will take place due to the acts of one horrible man. Especially since a lot of intelligent people, world leaders and diplomats are expressing their worries about the latest decrees. And even more since America and Russia are bonding and the European Union is weak, since the new American president signed to modernize the American army, and since the USA will take steps against countries that do not support them in the United Nations. And no one of the people following this horrible man will care until a bomb will drop on their heads. All they say now is that they are genuinely happy that finally a president keeps his promises.

There is another leader who lived not so long a time ago, who managed to do the same thing. He promised more jobs for the people and so he gave the people more jobs. He wanted to expand his reign but he hurt other countries by doing so. He chose religious and ethnic groups to be the scapegoat and there was only one small group of people who benefitted from him. Now a man wants to shut his reign off from the rest of the world but he hurts other countries by doing so. He chose religious and ethnic groups to be his scapegoat and there is only one small group of people who will benefit from him. Times have changed and circumstances are different, but parallels are hard to deny.
How is someone like this chosen to be the mightiest man in the world? Because the world didn't get to choose. One population only got to, and they chose what's best for themselves even though this means they will hurt everyone else in the world. Now that is pure egoism, and egoists is what many today have become. So it is no surprise people choose for themselves, even in their daily lives, and misuse others to make themselves great again.

In the old days countries may use to think for themselves and act in their own advantage, but these aren't the old days anymore. Globalization has taken place and all our economies are interwoven. The USA is certainly an important player in here. If they will take steps to help their own economy, and those steps will hurt other economies incredibly, it is to be expected that these other economies will get angry. No country can think solely for itself anymore. There is one world and we're all on it. We should help each other more and benefit from each other, instead of hurting each other to become better ourselves.

Some people grow wiser as they grow older, others do not and keep dwelling on the past: they desperately try to go back in time while this is impossible to do. No one can go back in time. Have we not learned anything from our mistakes in the past? The world has improved and made progress, but the same mistakes are being made. Is this only human? Will we never live in a peaceful world in which human rights are guaranteed? At least not in a world were walls are being build to shut people out. Sometimes I’m wondering if walls are necessary in this world, because of the nature of humankind. Does human nature make it impossible for us to live in peace?

I'm anxiously seeing the world change. Of course I had hoped that, after the new president of the United States was chosen, many of his words were only campaign slogans and popular talk to gain votes. I hoped he would be OK and surprise us all in the most positive way. It only took him NINE days to make all my hope fade away. His policies are based on fear and lies, his words are often contradictory, his ideas are ridiculous - for example, he wants to make Mexico pay for this idiot wall by increasing import taxes on Mexican products....which would of course mean that the American civilians will indirectly pay for that wall anyway! Did he even think this through? Did he even have a plan when he yelled he would make Mexico pay? Is it just popular talk after all? Not to mention that Mexico is third on the list of America's biggest trade if import taxes on Mexican products in the USA will be increased, so will import taxes on American products in Mexico! How could a supposed intelligent man like the United States president propose such ridiculous things?

It lights up my heart to read that thousands of Americans are demonstrating against the stricter visa rules in the States, that lawyers are offering their help to detainees at the JFK airport, that Oxfam Novib is calling the Dutch government to stand strong against this discrimination, that our own minister of Cooperation and Development has proposed to establish a foundation to help abortion NGOs, that former presidential candidate Al Gore and some environmental organizations will arrange the meeting about climate change that was earlier called off, and that scientists try to safe as much of the American scientific research on climate change as they can from perishing. There's still hope and there are still many people who want to fight for a better world (or at least for preventing the world from going worse). Demonstrations of large groups of people are the ultimate proof in a democracy that the people still care. When something is so unacceptable that it hurts one's core values, one will not be quiet and watch how these values are being crushed. I am happy to see that even though people are less and less involved in politics, their society and other people's rights and concerns, there are still many, many people who make their voices heard. These demonstrations show a clear clash between the people and the person who is supposed to be their leader, so I feel great things will take place soon: either the people are going to win, or we are all going to loose.

All that's going on right now feels like a bad movie. Is this even real? Is this even now, in our time? I can vividly imagine all these things that I’m witnessing written down in the History books. Perhaps these are the History books of my own children, when they have to memorize these events that happened because of a single dangerous man, just another man on the list of dangerous men that were responsible for horrible things happening to other human beings. All they will care for is passing.

I will go back to regular, low-key blogging soon. I'm only too upset about last week’s developments and I felt it would be inappropriate to write about topics that seem so utterly unimportant to me, at this moment and compared to other things. My blog is a place for things that are currently on my mind or happening in my life, and I do not want to write about my regular choices of topic and pretend that's what's on my mind right now. I'm just anxious for what is to come.

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