Wednesday, February 22, 2017

golden crosses on a blue velvet dress

Heeeeeeeeyyyy guys n gurls! Yesterday I decided to do a photoshoot together with my two favorite pieces of furniture in the house, a Chesterfield couch & a Persian rug, while wearing my little blue velvet with golden crosses dress and dotted tights. The dress is super comfortable- No, what do I say? All these things are super comfortable! Okay, the couch is a bit small so not very suitable for some laying-down TV watching, but I'm not a bingewatcher anyways. I love going online and search for second hand furniture- it's true that you get more fun out of it when you get it for cheap! 

I've been wearing this dress a lot lately, around Christmas with all the formal dinners that come with it. This dress makes it soooo easy to look fabulous! And that's true for a lot of other dresses as well. That's the best and weirdest thing about fashion: unlike other things in the world, it's not ironic in a way that the best things have the worst outcomes. You know, the way that the best food is the most unhealthy & makes you fat. In fashion it's the other way around: the easiest piece of fashion (the dress!) looks the best! And it does look great on every girl! I'm super pro-dresses and will encourage all to buy many, many more (second hand is better!).

Even though a dress looks nice on you, it's not the most sophisticated type of fashion: not much genius combining is done here. Oh well, sometimes less = more. I would ruin this dress by overdoing it with accessories and additional pieces of clothing. 

It's been a while again since I last posted something to this blog. February has been a terrible month for my precious weblog! I feel ashamed but I shouldn't. I'm still figuring out how to fit everything I got to do into the little amount of time that a week holds. I wished I would for once just focus on a single project instead of a dozen, but I guess I will never learn! 

Oh, before I forget: all pictures in this post were taken by Mitchell (Here you go boy).

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  1. Amazing post. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work. Look what I found here:

  2. Aah wat heb je dit toch weer top gedaan! Looooking good <3

  3. Amazing look! I love the Chesterfield couch as well! XXX

  4. Oh, wauw! Ziet er super mooi en uniek uit. Zalig gewoon. En ik heb de laatste tijd ook minder tijd voor mijn blog door alle duizenden dingen die ik daarbuiten ook nog doe. Herkenbaar!

  5. I love this outfit, je ziet er prachtig uit!

  6. Wauw wat een prachtige outfit en foto's!

  7. Waaauw girl deze foto's zijn zo gaaf! :)


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