Monday, February 6, 2017

HOTSPOT Betty Blue [Amsterdam]

HOTSPOT ALERT! A while ago, me and Janne visited Betty Blue in Amsterdam to grab some lunch. I had a breakfast taco which is pretty unusual for us in The Netherlands, but it was a common breakfast dish for me when I lived in Texas, USA (three years ago already!), and its where I developed my love for tacos for breakfast. This place has some great vibes - pretty rugs, leather armchairs, a touch of industrial - and it's perfect for chilling with your squad or getting some work done. Located close to Amsterdam's shopping center, it's a great place to hop by during a day of shopping. Just a really nice place that I wanted to share & you should totally check it out if you're in the area! :-)

When it comes do blogging, I did a step back lately. I just started a new semester and it has been chaotic, so I got to post considerably less often to my blog, but I'm quite at peace with it. Of course I would love to post more often if my spare time would let me, but as it doesn't, I prefer to scale down my posting habits a little bit to prevent myself from posting things in a hurry that I am not fully satisfied with (even more in a hurry than I am doing right now! I'm typing these words while my friends are waiting for me for dinner tonight). Even though I have plenty of outfits and hotspots ready to share, I do not intent this blog to be solely dedicated to those two topics, as if my interests are limited like that. In the end, this blog tends to cover the broad range of my interests, and even though there is a slight focus on fashion and hotspots, it is not the main purpose of this blog.

Sometimes I need to keep myself from getting carried away with all the chaos in bloggersland. It is as if all bloggers are in constant competition with each other, and it is very seductive to join in. The risk in that is that we end up unconsciously copying each other, so that we are all basically doing the exact same thing. What other explanation would there be for the lack of originality there is in bloggersland? Another risk is that I tend to obsess too much over social media. Of course I love to see my followers grow, but I need to remind myself that it was never my intention to turn this blog into a business and myself into a brand. At the age of sixteen 'stay true to yourself' became my motto, and sometimes this nearly-20-years-old version of me needs to take an example from my 16-years-old self.

What do you think of Betty Blue Amsterdam?

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  1. Dat ziet er heel tof uit! Liefs.x

  2. Dit is echt één van mijn favoriete spots in Amsterdam! Zo mooi en lekker daar, vooral 's zomers :) X

  3. Wat een gave plek moet dit zijn, zeg! Ik word helemaal blij van die foto's en wat je zegt over leren stoelen en zo. Ik spotte Janne al, haha! Malou x

  4. Wauw, dat ziet er heel tof uit! :)

    xx Alex

  5. Oh dat eten ziet er heerlijk uit! Krijg er enorm trek van, mooie foto's!

  6. Wauw wat een toffe plek in Amsterdam, hier wil ik binnenkort heen! Schrijf het meteen op mijn lijstje :) Mag ik vragen met welke lens je jouw foto's maakt? Vooral de close up foto's van het eten zijn prachtig! Fijn weekend alvast! Liefs, Merel

    1. Dankjewel! Ik gebruik momenteel een ietwat verouderde 50mm f/1.8 lens :)

  7. Ooh dit ziet er geweldig uit en wat heb je mooie foto's gemaakt. Alsof ik er ook even was.

  8. Tacos for breakfast... dat klinkt echt supergoed eigenlijk! Ik houu echt van taco's en snap niet waarom ik dat nog nooit als ontbijt heb gegeten haha. Lijkt me een leuke plek ook! :)


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