Monday, March 13, 2017


Look at diz boyyyyy <3_<3! 

Obviously, I went to Drake's 'The Boy Meets World Tour' together with my mom and we had a blast! As you may know, he rescheduled his concerts two(!) times - at first, three concerts were rescheduled for one week later and a fourth for one month later, and later, two concerts were rescheduled for two months later, and a third joined the one that had already been rescheduled for a month later. We were lucky enough that our day (Sunday) was rescheduled for the following Saturday, and wasn't rescheduled a second time, making us the first to see Drake's new show! The creation of an entirely new show was the reason he kept rescheduling his concerts, claiming he wanted to give us the best show ever and bla bla bla. Sure, it was a great show - he added all the lights, the fire and spectacular special effects, like a fucking large planet popping up at the middle stage and all the balls going up and down from the ceiling, but was it necessary? I don't think so. I'm sure that this new show will appeal to a much larger audience, but those who like his music without all the hodgepodge may wonder what's all the fuzz about. It somewhat appeared to me that the incredible special effects were there to cover up Drake's not-so incredible performance.

Yet, we had a blast: we managed to get a front-row spot (we had regular tickets, not golden circle tickets, meaning we couldn't get anywhere close to the main stage, but we stood front-row at the middle stage, where he ended up being just as often as on the main stage). Can you tell by the pictures?! I don't know why but I always get weirdly excited to see famous people in real life, it hardly matters who it is, but it feels incredible! Especially when it's someone like Drake and FROM SO UP CLOSE!! I really wanted to go to a Drake concert because I knew from vids it can get pretty lit, as he really knows how to get the audience go insane. We were being squeezed against the railing, sweating people were all over me screaming and yelling, and the whole audience was jumping up and down like crazies! - so that was incredible, no doubt.

So yea I loved it!! Who else is into Drake and went/is going to a Drake concert? Let me know in a comment! xoxo

What I was wearing that day.

My mom and I waiting in line.

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