Friday, May 19, 2017

I got my photography pre-course certificate! + final assignment

I gave these series two names, a long one and a short one.

"The suffering of a practice holder in mental healthcare"

These six photographs make my final assignment for a photography course that I took at Fotoacademie Amsterdam for the past six weeks. One day every week I was taught about photography and Adobe Photoshop, and after passing all the tests and assignments, I received a certificate that gives me direct access to the actual photography major that Fotoacademie Amsterdam offers. Even though the course is a preparation course that enables you to start the photography major without going through the application procedure (you're automatically accepted), many people take the course to get a steady base from where they can continue their photography hobby and develop their skills on their own from there on. The latter is why I took the pre-course - it seems awesome to study photography at Fotoacademie, but as I do not intend to become (solely) a photographer, it is not worth my time and money (it's a private institution, so quite expensive) to major in photography.

The pre-course taught me a lot in only six weeks. There were two classes that discussed the technical part of photography, many photoshop classes, a practical class and for the greatest amount of time, the group's assignments were being discussed. Feedback (especially by a professional), either on your own or someone else's work, is a great way of learning how to improve your photography skills. It was also fascinating to see the progress everyone made in such a short time! There were three assignments we had to complete: a creative one ("show your living space" - multiple interpretations possible), a technical one (the hardest!) and a final assignment, which could be anything, as long as it was a series of 6 to 12 photographs (and in series photographs somehow relate to each other). I decided to photography my father for my final assignment. Ever since I can remember, my father works a lot, and even though I wish he would not, I find it fascinating that he does, to the point where I sometimes wonder how he's still alive, considering how much and hard he works everyday. I tried to capture this in my pictures. At first I was a bit unsure about the final result, but my teacher was pretty excited about it - he even told me these pictures could be professional magazine pictures! He was just wondering - could I receive the same level of result if my subject would be a stranger instead of my dad?

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  1. Wauw wat een mooie foto's! Ik snap wel dat je leraar zei dat ze zo in een professionele magazine passen! Echt leuk dat je de vooropleiding hebt gedaan en zo goed hebt afgerond!

  2. Wauw, ze kunnen echt wel in een magazine hoor! Mooie foto's. Zo'n cursus lijkt me zo tof en leerzaam :) x


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